CTL Learning with E-Learning Edmodo

Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL)

CTL Learning with E-Learning Edmodo – The Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL) Learning Model according to Sanjaya (2006) states that learning in CTL is not just sitting, listening and taking notes, but learning is a process of experiencing directly.

Contextual Teaching and Learning is a learning strategy that emphasizes the full involvement of students in discovering the material they are studying and relating it to real life situations, so that students are encouraged to be able to apply it in their lives.

The E-Learning application used is Edmodo, because it is easy to access, user friendly, complete features for a distance learning process, minimal costs, easy to apply to various educational circles, does not require special hardware and does not have to install special applications.

Online learning activities are now known as e-learning. One of the most popular and frequently used e-learning platforms today is Edmodo.

Who doesn't know the Edmodo platform? People say Edmodo is a special social media for educational activists. Both teachers, students, students, lecturers can use this platform and even Edmodo also provides special features for parents of students who learn to use this platform.

Edmodo is a form of information technology that supports efforts towards education in the 21st century. Now it is mandatory that learning systems that were previously carried out conventionally can be changed or combined with online methods and answer this challenge.

Edmodo offers a service for the method. Edmodo's features should not be underestimated. Below is a complete explanation of Edmodo, its features, functions, advantages, and even how it works.

Get to Know What Edmodo Is

Edmodo is a form of information technology that supports efforts towards education in the 21st century.

The point is teachers and students both benefit from using this platform, learning becomes more efficient and effective. For a teacher, if you use this platform as well as possible, it will be very easy for schools to manage the learning they are doing.

Some of the features provided by Edmodo can help teachers' abilities. Starting from the division of tasks that can include various resources, giving quizzes or tests that can be carried out online, controlling student scores when they have submitted assignments and much more.

Edmodo before it was as big as it is now, was developed by 2 extraordinary people, Nic Borg and Jeff O'hara. They made the first version of Edmodo in late 2008 and Edmodo witnessed the fastest development in its development.

In early 2011, Edmodo reached 1 million users. Some time later this number increased dramatically to 7 million users, and in 2015 the number of Edmodo users reached 50 million. It's no wonder that Edmodo is now a world leader as a K-12 social learning network.

Get to Know What Edmodo Is

The difference between Edmodo and Google Classroom

The difference from Edmodo is that Edmodo is more suitable for learning processes that use e-learning fully, supported by better usability and pedagogical usability.

Meanwhile, Google Classroom is more suitable as a learning support or companion, supported by a more practical user experience.

Get to know the various Edmodo features

Edmodo has features that provide solutions to the development of information technology for the world of education. Edmodo provides learning system management services through the online world.

Management at Edmodo is also very easy and very suitable for educational institutions that want to use Edmodo. This advantage is due to a number of features that have been created by Edmodo.

1. Parent Code

Edmodo bukan hanya mempermudah proses pembelajaran bagi murid, akan tetapi juga mempermudah guru dalam mengurus sistem pembelajaran. Namun, orangtua dapat berperan serta melalui platform Edmodo ini dan untuk berperan serta dalam platform ini, orangtua harus mendaftar aakunnya di aplikasi atau website Edmodo. Edmodo sudah lama menjadi alat yang baik untuk guru yang ingin membuat orangtua repot karena orangtua bisa ikuti pekerjaan kelas, mencari nilai, dan memperoleh informasi mengenai acara dan rutinitas. Anda bisa mencari ini melalui website Edmodo atau mungkin dengan aplikasi Android atau iOS Edmodo yang dirancang untuk orangtua.

2. Award Badges

As a form of recognition and appreciation for their students on Edmodo, teachers can give badges of appreciation. students who do well on quizzes, tests, and assignments and receive good grades are entitled to receive a badge of appreciation from their teacher. This feature provides benefits that do not make students joke. students become more motivated in subsequent learning activities. This form of appreciation encourages students to be even more diligent and try in every assignment and exam. In this role, teachers can instantly assign badges to their students.

3. Polls

Judging from the name alone, you can guess that the polling function is related to the name of taking a vote. This feature helps teachers use Edmodo to find out the reactions of their students. For example, when students have finished work or quizzes. This feature can be used to find out student responses quickly regarding the completion of assignments and also quizzes. However, the use of this feature is limited to only teachers.

4. Assignments

This feature plays an important role in helping the role of the teacher for his students. With this assignment function, Edmodo teachers are given services to give assignments to students more effectively and efficiently. When assigning assignments, teachers can include files, documents, links, and other resources they want to provide. Collection by students of assignments in this feature is also easy, just by uploading completion documents, pressing this pull button, then the assignment has been collected. These assignments can later be reused by the teacher and stored automatically in the library function, which is explained in the next section.

5. Gradebook

After the teacher gives assignments through the assignment feature and the students have collected them, this next feature will help the teacher carry out the assignments from his students. This feature is named by Edmodo, namely Gradebook. This Gradebook feature makes it easy for teachers to do grades either manually or automatically. With the Gradebook feature, grade data is neatly collected and teachers can receive an output file in .csv format from this data. This Gradebook feature is fully controlled by the teacher and students can only see the data.

6. Quiz

This all-digital era allows various activities via the internet. Previously it was used to carry out exams, quizzes, and other learning assessment work that used to require question and answer paper, now it can be made more efficient with the help of the LSM feature. There is a quiz feature on Edmodo that can help teachers take online exams, be it quizzes, exams, tests and others. This quiz is stored in the library feature so that this quiz can be reused in the future if needed.

7. Files and Links

If in the past a teacher generally only used blackboard media, this media can be developed more effectively in Edmodo with file and link functions. This feature helps teachers provide notes in the form of document files, text, audio, video, and others. Formats of files that teachers can use to assist in the learning process are doc, ppt, xls, and pdf. This feature allows the teacher to explain a material to his students in more detail, because it is supported by a complete source of material.

8. Libraries

As in general, libraries store various important documents related to learning, be it books, last year's exam questions, journal references, and others, this feature is also available on the Edmodo platform. The difference between the function of the library in Edmodo and the real world lies more in the effectiveness and efficiency of its management. This feature can help with various kinds of files and links that teachers use as class materials for their students. So that it can be said that this feature is a place for students to study material provided by the teacher, and this library is also a place to store learning materials. Edmodo offers a teacher-free service so teachers can easily organize, manage, sort, and even share their class materials.

Functions of the Edmodo Platform

In general, the function of the Edmodo platform is to help many education activists, be they teachers, students, lecturers, and even students.

In managing the learning system using Edmodo this can be done easily. The functions of this platform are quite numerous and varied, starting from social media for students and teachers, places of learning, places to do material evaluations and many more.

A very interesting function of the Edmodo platform is to help teachers share experiences through the Edmodo community.

The advantages of the Edmodo Platform

As a social learning management platform, especially in the world, of course, it cannot be separated from the benefits that Edmodo offers to its users, most of whom are educators, both teachers and students.

Edmodo offers many benefits that its users can enjoy. Some of the benefits are learning management, communication services between students, and many more.

The advantages of Edmodo are explained in more detail below.

1. Edmodo Community

This is an important reason why Edmodo is loved by so many people. The community one has to join as an educator is truly extraordinary. They function as open discussion forums where teachers can share resources, ask questions or answer questions and learn from colleagues. There's so much to follow. I'm currently really enjoying the discussion on the Digital Citizenship and Professional Development pages. Here, the user or teacher can usually tell where people are on their way to class and remind each other.

2. The freedom that the Disciple has

One of the other uses is student independence because they are responsible for work. This is a good skill to learn, especially in a safe environment. As above, it is important for students to be independent as they will be on other social media sites in the years to come. Being part of an Edmodo group equips students with the skills to use social media properly.

3. School Activities Become Efficient

Teachers love it when students can open their Edmodo accounts from school and from home to prepare for upcoming events, assignments, or assignments while doing homework. It also allows them to communicate with their teacher (live) or ask questions from their friends (on a public wall) while doing homework.

4. Can Share Learning Resources

Teachers can search materials with their students on Edmodo, including from websites, provided YouTube clips, links to reverse assignments (EduCreations, and so on) files, documents, and images. That way, the learning process saves paper and shows students solid resource options without having to google them. For YouTube clips, the clip itself can be played and no ads or suggested videos will appear like the YouTube website. This makes teachers feel that their students are only looking at the elements that are right for them and are not distracted by other clips.

5. Connectivity for Teachers

A teacher account with Edmodo allows teachers or educators to connect with other educators from around the world. A teacher can use one of these relationships to send notes to other educators, ask questions, or share ideas with them. This certainly ensures positive cooperation between teachers from different schools.

How Edmodo Works

Edmodo works just like any other educational platform. Edmodo helps teachers who use this platform to be more efficient and effective in teaching.

Like usage gradebook, library, assignments and quizzes and many more and everything can be easily managed by users, this platform helps students to be more disciplined when a project and assignment is given by their teacher, and helps users interact, collaborate and share through one of its features.

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