Pelalawan District Government Scholarship Requirements

Pelalawan district government scholarship requirements. One of the students complained about the problem of the scholarship requirements that would be given by the Pelalawan Regency Government through the Pelalawan Regional Secretariat's Welfare Section.

Pelalawan district government scholarship requirements. In the conditions for receiving a scholarship in point 17, it is stated that the importance of references from the Pelalawan Student Association (IMP) signed by the Chairman and Secretary known to the Secretary General of IKMPI.

“This is quite strange and ambiguous. The letter of reference should have come from the Senate or the place of study saying that the student is indeed still in college and still has status as an active student," explained the student who did not want to be named in this media, Wednesday (26/4/2017).

The speaker said he was worried if the requirements became absolute. This problem can be a problem for students who have not joined the Pelalawan student organization.

"And again, in my opinion, this will open up opportunities for student organizations that are given references or recommendations to play. This is what for me is quite strange why this point is one of the requirements for students to receive a scholarship," he said deeply

The Head of the IKMPI Professional Division, Robi Armilus, confirmed this problem via his mobile, Wednesday (26/4/2017), explaining that for this reference issue the IKMPI faction only knows about it. This means that it is important for students who join the Pelalawan student associations to be understood by that organization.

"Later from there they will give it to us, so we only know about it," said Robi who is a student at UNRI's Sociology Faculty of Social Sciences degree.

Asked about the purpose of the scholarship, Robi explained that the purpose was to record Pelalawan students in Indonesia.

"This data will later be used as a reference for the next year's scholarship budget. Because the district government does not yet have data on the number of Pelalawan students in Indonesia," he said.

Data on the number of students, he continued, has a strong relationship with the scholarship allocation budget for the following year. What's more, this year's scholarships amount to 2.6 billion, only for outstanding students, while students who can't afford it don't have a budget.

"We guarantee that this reference will not be an opportunity for us to play or anything that is troublesome for students who wish to apply for scholarships," he said.

This is in line with the Head of the Pelalawan Regional Secretariat of Public Welfare, Akmamul Hadi, when this matter was verified, Wednesday (26/4). According to him, there is no purpose or intention because there are reference requirements from IKMPI.

"We just want clear data regarding the number of Pelalawan students in Indonesia," he said.

When asked about the problem of signs of play because there was a reference from IKMPI, Akmamul guaranteed that nothing like that would happen. In fact, his party will not tolerate if things like that happen or there are illegal fees in giving references to students who want to get scholarships.

"We guarantee that there will be no game in giving references to IKMPI, related to the importance of students having to obtain references from the IKMPI organization," he said.




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