Pharmacy Scholarships in Indonesia to Study at UPH

Pharmacy Scholarships in Indonesia to Study at UPH. For graduates of SMA IPA as well as SMK Pharmacy who wish to become pharmacists, they can use pharmaceutical scholarships in Indonesia.

This scholarship is also really suitable for those of you who want to deepen your knowledge in the field of health and chemistry. Currently, you can find scholarships for college education from the UPH Pharmacy scholarship offer.

About the Pharmacy Scholarship

There are three types of scholarship programs, namely those from the academic achievement track, the economic limitations scholarship track, participants from the sports achievement scholarship track.

If you succeed in obtaining the scholarship, you are entitled to exemption from tuition fees, first 3 semester credits scholarships, as well as basic BPP fees up to 100%.

Scholarship requirements are also not complicated because this program exists for students who are still in grade 12 or have already graduated from high school. In addition, only high school students majoring in science or vocational high school in pharmacy have completed 2 years. then.

This pharmaceutical scholarship in Indonesia also adds conditions so that scholarship recipient candidates are students who have physical and mental health and are also not currently enrolling at another university. You are also not allowed to get pregnant or get married during the lecture process.

The thing you need to pay attention to is how so you can keep the scholarship until the study period is over. You also need to be able to increase the achievement of the semester grade point average or cumulative grade point average in accordance with the terms and conditions.

Why do you need UPH Pharmacy

UPH Pharmacy not only adds pharmaceutical scholarships in Indonesia but also adds quality learning. All lecturers are expert educators in their fields and UPH also provides services to support the learning process to increase job prospects for its alumni.

Being under the auspices of the Faculty of Science and Technology, UPH's pharmacy study program is in the category of health knowledge.

While studying this study program, you can gain educational experience regarding cross-knowledge material as well as human anatomy and physiology, knowledge of pharmaceutical communication, medical knowledge, as well as the field of pharmacy in natural materials. If you are interested in learning about medicinal plants.

During the busy lecture process, you can also study with complete services and infrastructure. You can use the laboratory at UPH as well as the microbiology laboratory and chemistry laboratory.

This higher education institution also provides several new laboratories as well as a pharmaceutical chemistry laboratory, a pharmacognosy laboratory and also a pharmaceutical technology laboratory. The entire next laboratory is for pharmaceutical education so that you can gain a lot of practical experience.

The UPH Pharmacy Study Program provides several programs like Diploma (D3) and Bachelor (S1) programs.

With study programs available in a variety of choices, you have a wider open space to associate with UPH Pharmacy study programs, like graduates of Science High School, Pharmacy Vocational School, or employees in the pharmaceutical field.

Pharmacy Scholarship Advantages

Indonesian pharmacy scholarship from Pelita Harapan University (UPH) added opportunities for students so that they are able to learn to focus on natural pharmaceutical ingredients both when taking the S1 study program or the D3 study program.

The program also has a specialty in that the undergraduate program can learn to focus on clinical pharmacy. So, if you take an undergraduate major, you can learn many things about pharmacy and its services. So that it can become a flow of dialogue for competent doctors in treatment.

Whereas the D3 program focuses more on pharmaceutical services as well as how to manage and prepare or mix drugs.

By using pharmacy scholarships in Indonesia and becoming a UPH student, you have guaranteed career opportunities working at Siloam Hospitals If you take the D3 program, you will get additional career opportunities as a pharmacist if you graduate from S1.

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