7 Causes of Failed Psychological Tests, How to Overcome Them

The reason for failing the psychological test for fresh graduates, they still have to be enthusiastic about looking for a job. This of course serves to pursue ideals.

But by the time you're humdingers out of college, a person doesn't necessarily have the qualifications to apply for a job. In addition to the interview test, there is also a psychological test that must be carried out.

In fact, it is not uncommon for new graduates to fail psychological tests. psychological test sometimes interfere with applicants. In fact, many people who have difficulty in this regard they fail the psychological test.

Because currently most companies use psychological tests to measure the skill level of prospective employees.

For this reason, careful preparation is needed so that prospective employees can successfully take the psychological test. Desha Setiardi who pioneered the Yogyakarta "Veteran" UPN website (UPN Jogja), in an online class at UPN Jogja, delivered his statement as an HR practitioner and company HR development who is also a UPN Jogja graduate class.

Desha, who has worked with recruiting and selecting people in the service, retail, education and manufacturing sectors, explained his material. The material is about the importance of studying psychological tests in life, especially if you want to enter the world of work, strategies and tips for dealing with psychological tests. On this occasion Desha explained

7 Causes of Failed Psychotest:

1. Causes of Failed Psychological Test, Participant Attends Late

If it's late, panic and rush are also the causes of failed psychological tests, psychological tests Timed: If you arrive late, you may not be able to solve the problem in time.

2. Participants lack concentration

Personality Test If a lack of focus is also a reason for failing a psychological test, it may be due to persistence and poor health. Psychology test not only psychologically, but also physically. “Prepare your health, rest so you don't get tired of answering questions. Don't forget to eat first so you don't starve to death during the exam, "he said.

3. Participants failed the psychological test due to panic and anxiety

If you panic because you don't have stationery with you, prepare stationery and paper for scribbling. If the test is carried out online, make sure the network quota is stable, if it is unstable, it will also cause the psychological test to fail

4. Psychotest participants in a hurry

This can happen if the question asked has not been answered. Usually many questions asked. Sometimes participants lose focus. Do the answer to the question what you think is simple.

5. Participants failed the psychological test because they did not have self-confidence

Trust will serve you in a positive way. With confidence, you can create a sense of optimism.

6. Participants Will Not Give Honest Answers

When saying “You can't pretend to be someone else. Be honest with yourself because that latent potential can actually be seen when you do all the psychological test questions,” explained Desha.

7. Not Studying Questions Or Knowledge About Questions That Arise

Be diligent in practicing the questions. Currently, various practice question titles are distributed in bookstores. Choose one of them. Or you can download application psychologist using a cell phone.

Those are the 7 factors that cause psychological test failure and how to overcome them, I hope this is useful for those of you who want or are going to face a psychological test.

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