Mixed Study Methods For The Next Semester

www.rancakmedia.com -Results of a survey of lecturers and students at the University of Indonesia show that blended learning methods, aka blended-learning, between face-to-face and online are the main choices for campuses.

The survey was conducted on the readiness of face-to-face teaching and learning activities (KBM) in the UI environment in preparation for the implementation of face-to-face lectures at University of Indonesia (UI) in July 2021 Leadership and Policy of the Directorate General. Higher Education Ministry of Culture.

Respondents consisted of 18,923 students and 1,610 faculties from 14 faculties, the Faculty of Environmental Sciences, the School of Strategic and Global Studies, and the Vocational Education Program.

Based on survey information on all out 20,533 respondents as of April 15, 2021, the majority of UI students and lecturers have mixed learning methods to be used in the odd semesters of the 2021/2022 school year. This result ignores the results of other mixed learning methods, e.g. B. In-person learning and full online learning.

In detail, the survey results show that 9,083 (48%) students voted study activities mixed teaching and 5,298 (28%) students chose the full online teaching and learning process.

Mixed Learning Methods With Face-to-Face Learning

Meanwhile, face-to-face learning is the least chosen option, namely 4,542 (24%) students. The UI lecturer survey yielded 1,610 respondents.

As a result, 982 respondents (61%) chose mixed learning, then 483 respondents (30%) who only selected face-to-face with full web based learning (9%). Pay regular attention to aspects of enforcement of strict health protocols and Covid-19 vaccination of faculty, education staff and students.

In addition, respondents hoped that face-to-face presentation lessons would only be given on topics that required direct interaction, such as field lectures and internships. Dr. err. nat. Abdul Haris, Deputy Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs at UI, emphasized that if UI introduces mixed learning in the coming semester, his party will prepare the best possible blended learning method policy.

"There needs to be careful planning in making class schedules, determining the capacity of classrooms, laboratories and dormitories, as well as mechanisms for supervising lecturer and student activities," said Prof. Haris in a written statement from UI Public Relations, Monday, April 19, 2021.

This preparation includes vaccinations for lecturers and staff that are currently being carried out, as well as vaccinations for students which are scheduled for the future and immediately apply the Mixed Learning Method.

The survey also revealed that 80% UI faculties and 17% UI students had received the Covid-19 vaccination. "Basically we want to guarantee the health and safety of all academics on campus," individualized organization Prof. Harris.

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