Internet Quota to Strengthen the Education Ecosystem

Strengthen the education ecosystem, many students still face barriers to learning online or online as is happening at this time. The main obstacles are limited digital access facilities and the availability of learning support infrastructure.

Desta soe'oed, general manager of educational digital Infrastructure Strengthen the education ecosystem, one of the education stage providers, said that his party received support in the form of a monthly internet quota package and a one-year LMS (Learning Management System) service for students at Madrasah Ibtidaiyah (MI) Al. Huda Sakti distributed) schools. .

"This is the result of a fundraising initiative initiated at and funded by Bareksa as a donor to help raise funds," he said in a press release, Saturday 17 April 2021.

He said this collaboration was expected to open up opportunities for Indonesians to receive education or training. Educational infrastructure to improve living standards and future jobs.

Support the Education Ecosystem

Strengthen the education ecosystem according to him, as an educational technology company, IDE is here to support the education ecosystem in Indonesia.

This support is achieved through the distribution of aid to educational institutions. "To prepare for digitizing schools with a solution strategy through technology as an investment education long term," he said.

Strengthen the education ecosystem according to Desta, the application of technology at the right stage can facilitate teaching and learning processes and reduce the master's workload. when presenting education online.

Learning is more fun with the SqolaRia stage. Learning and playing can take place in one place on the SqolaRia stage, individualized structure Desta.

He added, the introduction of technology in learning is one of the program formulations of the Ministry of Education and Culture (Ministry of Education and Culture) related to digitalization of schools to prepare human resources in facing the industrial revolution 4.0.

"We hope that with this support, the burden on parents and masters can be reduced during the learning process in class, so as to improve education during the pandemic so that more Indonesian children can learn online,"

Individualized structure Pradisty Herlina, Director of the Benih Baik Partnership also hopes that the synergy achieved can lighten the burden so that they can continue learning despite all the limitations and achieve their goals with enthusiasm.

"Technology has changed the dynamics of education, so we see investment in technology as a mainstay for educational institutions to create relevant learning experiences," he said.

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