10 Tips for Success in the UTBK Test During Ramadan Fasting

Computer Based Written Examination (UTBK) is not an easy thing. Apart from that, of course it is another challenge to do this during the fasting month of Ramadan. As is known, the implementation of UTBK will take place from April 12 to May 2 2021. Check out the tips for successful UTBK tests

UTBK Test Success Tips:

1. Prepare Well

Tips for successful UTBK test, before starting the UTBK schedule, make it a habit to prepare and complete questions at the same time as your exam schedule.

For example, if you have a morning schedule, make it a habit not to sleep after dawn, take a shower immediately, and get ready for practice questions. When this is done, familiarize yourself with the exam conditions during your fast.

2. Maintain Health

During the Covid-19 pandemic, participants must maintain their health. Don't humdingers for the UTBK exam because your body is not fit.

3. Meets All Requirements

All requirements must have been specified by LTMPT and UTBK Center and must be fulfilled by UTBK participants. Especially the completeness of examination and medical protocols. There are several UTBK centers with different requirements, e.g. B. Antigen test results, health certificates and others. Make sure all requirements are met before the UTBK test day.

4. Don't Forget A Safe And Comfortable Mask.

Use a safe and comfortable mask and other equipment when doing UTBK. Gracious, yes, you should try to practice the questions by wearing a mask. This is to train comfort during UTBK.

5. Finding the UTBK Location

You can directly monitor the UTBK location. If you can't enter the room, at least you already know the location or building where the exam will take place.

6. Be Careful When Filling In Personal Information.

Even though there is no score when filling in personal information, it is still important when taking the UTBK test.

7. Don't Panic.

While working on a problem, you may find things that are difficult, something you forgot, not enough time, and so on. If you are faced with such things, don't panic. Choose the one that you think is the best answer, and then continue working on the problem.

8. Participants Need to Concentrate.

When faced with a new subtest, you need to focus. Sometimes I really like to think about a previous job that was not fulfilling. But something like that can work against you. Therefore, you need to "reset" your mind so that you are truly ready to face the challenges of the test questions you are working on. Likewise if you fall outside the plan, e.g. For example if you are late, get reprimanded by your boss or forget to bring something. You have to stay calm, move forward, and focus on what you're doing.

9. Answer Carefully and Carefully

It's good to be careful and answer carefully. But also consider the number of questions and the indicated time.

10. Don't Forget to Pray

After trying, don't forget to pray. Prayer is also an effective way to calm down and worry less.

The UTBK exam is special and important because it can determine the education of prospective students. Don't be too uptight about it, do your best and be more mature.

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