State University Graduation Strategy, Anies Baswedan – DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan shared a surefire strategy for qualifying for State Universities (PTN). Anies Baswedan said that joining a PTN also requires its own struggles and strategies.

According to him, every success requires sacrifice. The struggle to join PTN is no exception. "To achieve this, a strong strategy must be prepared," said Anies in the National Seminar on 'PTN Fighters' which was held virtually by students Yogyakarta State University (UNY) and the Vidya Utama Community Center (Sevima) in Jakarta, Friday. Monday (04.12 .2021).

In order for a student to achieve success points, Anies revealed tips so that prospective students can take advantage of all the positive things they can do. This means that prospective students can study anywhere and anytime.

Don't get bored studying

Tips according to Anies, prospective students don't need to get bored studying. Furthermore, studying is not only as rigorous as looking at books and studying exam material.

Prospective students also learn to network, improve skills, and self-regulate. “You can choose to do anything, but you choose to be a learner.

Be a learner who always takes advantage of learning opportunities. If you take advantage of learning opportunities, you will be successful in the future,” said Anies.

Learning can also use various kinds of media. Including through information technology facilities such as the web and social media, which so far have been familiar to prospective students. According to Anies, prospective students can obtain various slightly open materials and knowledge through the web.

Anies also advised, if you want to be successful in working on the UTBK-SBMPTN, prospective students need to focus on contraception and social media, and play less games. Use web facilities wisely and don't regret later if you don't make the best use of your study time.

“The tools and methods you use to learn to deal with problems may change, but the spirit within you must not change. Use the web carefully, because maximum results cannot be achieved immediately. Successful people must try their best," Anies said.

Knowing Your Potential

Anies adding to it will help you identify those potentials to ensure the learning process is fun. At the same time, learning skills are optimized according to their individual abilities.

For example, when a person understands that he is good at calculating and keeping records. Therefore, studying exam humdingers to major in accounting will be easier and more enjoyable for those affected.

Anies thought it would be easy for someone to conquer himself, so he was enthusiastic about learning. What's more, he said, everyone needs to know that the hardest part to success is self Yourself. “Because we have to convince ourselves to succeed.

A learner must be able to learn by adjusting his skills. When they do well, they feel happy and not overwhelmed while learning," Anies ordered.

Plan carefully Anies explained that careful planning is also the third and most important strategy. Because success is not achieved immediately, but requires careful planning to achieve it. "If it is successful in the long term, success will definitely be planned, not direct," Anies individualized organization.

With all the preparations and strategies available, Anies advised you to always remember to prepare yourself physically, mentally and healthy. The reason is, the UTBK exam can take a full day from morning to evening.

“The point is when you take the exam you have to be confident and prepare everything well. Not to mention using high-level combat capabilities to be ready to take the UTBK-SBMPTN exam," Anies said.

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