6 Tips for Becoming a Young Entrepreneur, See More Info

rancakmedia.com – Advances in technology bring many benefits. Technology is not only an online learning medium, but can also be used for other people.

In addition, web-connected devices can be used to start online businesses. Even business can be done anywhere.

No exception, students who are still in college can also start their own business. In this way, students can earn from their business. However, starting a business cannot be arbitrary. Of course there are tips for budding young entrepreneurs. What's this?

When starting the UPN "Veteran" Yogyakarta page (UPN Jogja), here are 6 tips for students who want to start a business. "If you are interested in business, make sure to choose the most suitable type of business," said one of the UPN Jogja lecturers, Hani Subagio.

Must Be Precise And Comfortable

Choosing the right business because it will make students feel more comfortable and ready to enter the world of business on their own. According to Hani, there is still a lack of understanding and skills possessed by students in starting a business.

Many problems often arise when starting a business, especially for beginners. Therefore, starting a business cannot be careless. "It takes proper planning and strategy so that the company being run can be successful and run as expected," he said.

In addition, for a student, entrepreneurs in business must be good at dividing and managing their available time. Because do business for student entrepreneurs does not mean forgetting their main activity as students, namely lectures.

Business Tips for Beginners 6 tips for students who want to start a business:

1. Finding Passion

When a business idea comes from something someone is passionate about, they are more focused and motivated to do business.

2. Know the Market

Determine the target market and identify the needs. You can conduct market research and define a marketing strategy that will help your business grow.

3. Has a clear meaning

Starting a business doesn't have to be very modular. Even if the capital is small, if the business starts with careful preparation and planning from the start. Then you can manage it more easily and with maximum results.

4. Manage Time

Remember that your main role is to be a student. So balance the time invested, manage study time, organization and work. First, make a list of activities that are considered urgent, important, and less urgent.

5. Building Relationships

Running a business requires a variety of skills and expertise that may not be mastered. Having many relationships allows you to share experiences with many people about how to run a business. Who knows, with so many contacts, you will find a guide who is willing to guide you.

6. Efforts And Prayers

Doing business is not only based on strong will and determination, but also the obligation to start your own business. The spirit of never giving up and hard work is an important asset for an entrepreneur. And of course everything must be accompanied by prayer.

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