Akmet Unlocks Fully Funded Scholarships, Enroll Yourself

rancakmedia.com – Class XII students who wish to continue their education to a higher level, the Academy of Metrology and Instrumentation (Akmet) can currently be registered through the scholarship pathway.

Akmet is the official college of the Ministry of Commerce. Registration for this scholarship path is open until April 18 2021. Akmet strives to produce professional human resources (HR) in the fields of metrology, instrumentation and trade.

In summary, the Ministry of Trade's Akmet page on Monday (May 4 2021) announced that Akmet had opened scholarships in the form of tuition fees to achieve professional HR goals. Akmet plans to enroll 55 new students in 2021.

This scholarship is intended for those of you who are currently in Class XII or who represent District/City Legal Metrology Units (UML) throughout Indonesia.

Check out and see all the information about the following Akmet Scholarship

Scholarship Protection

  • for tuition fees for 6 semesters.
  • Free registration fees, entrance fees, and education development fees (SPP).

Scholarship Requirements

  • The oldest participant is 21 years old as of December 31, 2021, as evidenced by a birth certificate.
  • The minimum requirement for a diploma in mathematics, physics and English is 70.00 on a scale of 100 from semester 1 of class X to semester 5 of class XII.
  • The conversion certificate on a scale of 0 to 100 is signed by the client concerned (especially for applicants whose scores use a letter scale or a value scale from 0 to 10).

Required documents

You need to prepare the check/advanced record required for registration for the Metrology and Instrumentation Academy using a JPG-approved design record. The following records are required:

  1. Color photo of the last 3 months, 4 x 6 cm, 150 dpi negligible resolution, maximum record size of 500 kB.
  2. Birth certificate output, negligible resolution 150 dpi, with a maximum document size of 1 MB.
  3. Family Card (KK) output with an insignificant resolution of 150 dpi and a maximum record size of 1 MB.
  4. Make sure the documents you upload are legible. Registering with illegible documents (because they are too small) may result in your registration not being processed for administrative elections. The committee's decision cannot be appealed.
  5. Fill out the online registration form according to original personal data and can be considered.
  6. Filling and uploading documents can be done at different times. Completed forms can be saved. If you want to upload the document at a later time, you must first log in with your email address and password.

Error registration in the form of a discrepancy between the contents of the form and the original document makes the application not processed by administrative selection. If an error occurred while uploading the document or the document is not listed, that is application incomplete. That way, it will not be included in the administrative selection.

Scholarship Selection Schedule

  • registration: 8 March to 18 April 2021.
  • Administrative selection: 19 April 2021.
  • Announcement of participants who pass the administrative selection: April 24, 2021.
  • Academic Ability Test (TKA): 6 May 2021.
  • Announcement of Participants of Academic Ability Test (TKA) Results: 19 May 2021.
  • Psychological Test: 24 May 2021. Announcement of Final Selection Results: 7 June 2021.
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