There Must Be Official Permit For Face-to-Face Schools – Schools have learned face to face, including in the Central Java region. Regarding face-to-face schools, Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo reminded all schools in Central Java not to hold face-to-face meetings.

Ganjar emphasized that all schools that hold face-to-face meetings must apply for permission to Department of Education and Culture to run programs.

This was conveyed by Ganjar during an inspection at the Hidayah Vocational High School private school in Banyumanik, Semarang City, on Wednesday April 7 2021. When Ganjar was riding horseback that morning, he saw a number of students had already entered school.

“Students entered that? Do you have a permit?” Ask Ganja.

One of the masters at the gate said the school does not study face to face. Participating students are grade 3 students who take the Skills Competency Test (UKK).

"This grade 3 student is taking UKK. We have permission to enter the education office,” said the individualized organization master.

Ganjar immediately went to school to check UKK implementation. Upon entering the master's room, Ganjar found his teacher close again without wearing a mask. The mask used is only hung on the chin.

There are also masters who walk around without a mask at all. Upon entering the student study room, Ganjar again found a master taking off his mask in class.

"Hey, wear a mask, don't squeeze. Master needs to set a good example. I remind you. This morning I have three records that need to be evaluated. If I fail to attend the health expositions, I will revoke my permit," he said.

According to Ganja

Schools other than the private exams set 140 must have a permit if they want to take the same exams. Meanwhile, SMK Hidayah already has a permit upon request.

We convey this assessment so that everyone cares. I am a believer in Prokes discipline and SOP to start with masters, not students. Students are relatively easy to handle if you are warned, you know who the teacher is. . “I asked the school to form a Covid team. 19. I used to ask if they got permission from the agency for UKK, so that's OK," he said.

Ganjar will also hire the Central Java Education and Culture Office to review how many schools are accepting students, both for private study and UKK.

"Not a fundamental principle. Supervision is difficult, especially if someone is not licensed. If there is permission, we can check one by one. Later I ask to check if there are many, we evaluate first. If someone is hurt, yes. can no longer be closed, “he concluded.

Meanwhile, Director of SMK Hidayah Fitri said, his party had not held face-to-face learning. Students who take part are only students who carry out UKK. "We have received permission from the Provincial Education and Culture Office regarding this matter. We also limit the number of students, only 11 students per class and the distance is 1.5 meters," he said.

Ganjar's findings regarding masters who do not take part in the health program will be evaluated soon. Ganjar's order to form a Covid 19 million team was carried out.

“Long ago the governor happened to find a master who was not wearing a mask. I asked him if he had eaten. God willing, we will implement SOP for a better daily life. We will evaluate it to be better," he concluded.

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