Requirements for Recipients of Ministry of Education and Culture Quota Assistance – Internet Quota Assistance Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) 2021 will be distributed again this month.

According to the schedule, the Ministry of Education and Culture quota is paid monthly from March 11 to 15 in March, April and May.

Beneficiaries who are entitled to quotas are all those who receive quota assistance from November to December 2020 and whose numbers are active.

You will automatically receive Quota Assistance in April 2021. However, there are exceptions for those who have received assistance but will not use it until it runs out or use below 1GB. This assistance is then no longer acceptable.

The Ministry of Education and Culture's Youtube page states the following quota support for each level: PAUD level students, 7GB/month. Primary and secondary school students, 10 GB/month. Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary Education Educators, 12 GB/month. Faculty and students, 15 GB/month

Requirements for Recipients of Quota Support from the Ministry of Education and Culture

When the Ministry of Education and Culture website is launched in 2021, recipients of data web quota support must meet the following requirements:

1. PAUD students as well as elementary and secondary education levels

  • Registered in the Dapodik application
  • Have an active mobile number on behalf of the student/parent/family member/guardian.

2. Educators of PAUD and primary and secondary education.

  • Registered and active in the Dapodik application.
  • Have an active cell phone number.

3. Students and lecturers


  • Registered on the PDDikti application, active status in lectures or completing a double degree.
  • Have an active cell phone number.


  • Registered and active in the PDDikti application.
  • Have a registration number (NIDN, NIDK or NUP).
  • Have an active cell phone number.


Quotas are valid for 30 days from receipt. For example, if you receive it on March 11, 2021, it will be active until April 10, 2021. The next web allotment will be distributed from March to May 2021, so the last active period will be until June 2021.

Different with last year, the quota this time is no longer shared. So these are all general quotas. Only a few are inaccessible with this quota, namely Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and websites that are blocked by the Ministry of Communication and Information.

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