Mover Teacher Program, Here's What You Must Have - The Minister of Education and Culture (Mendikbud) Nadiem Makarim stated several characteristics that teachers participating in the driving trainer program need to have.

In batch 1 of the driving coach program, they completed 4.5 months out of the estimated nine months. Registration Movement teacher program (PGP) Batch 4 is currently open until April 24, 2021. This program is a leadership training for several teachers to become evaluation leaders. This program includes online training, workshops, meetings, and nine months of accompaniment for aspiring driving coaches. In contrast to the initial batch, 4 SLB and SMK teachers were added and placed as moderators in the PGP Batch

Mover Teacher Character

According to Nadiem Makarim, all teachers who participate in PGP have characters or attitudes that need to be obsessed, including:

1. Driving Teachers are teachers who see adversity as an obstacle that moves them to become better people.

2. Mobilizing teachers see some students who fall behind in class as an opportunity to improve their skills. "Moving teachers believe all children have strength," said Nadiem from the Instagram account of the Directorate General of GTK, Ministry of Education and Culture, Sunday (4/4/2021).

3. The Driving Master is confident and does not let himself be discouraged by other coaches who may be slow to change. Pushing coaches don't stay away from them, but rebuke teachers who don't understand or don't want to make changes through an inner approach so they can change patterns.

4. Driving Teacher is a teacher who knows now is the time for peer-to-peer evaluation. Time for reflection as a team of adults at school is key to development. "It won't be successful without them meeting and working with other teachers or school principals," added Nadiem.

5. The Driving Teacher is the coach who knows that failure is a duty. Because if there are no mistakes, it means you've never tried anything new. "Failure is learning. As trainer boosters, we move teachers and principals to do other things. Things that may not work but have to be tried," said Nadiem.

6. Another characteristic of a directing teacher is an authentic person who wants and dares to share knowledge and dares to appear in front of other trainers. Either via YouTube or other social media, it shows what I have learned today. This is to confirm to other teachers that PGP is indeed a teacher program. "Ultimately, the child's power must be released," said Nadiem.

7. Some other characteristics of a riding coach include knowing that all children are different and knowing the strengths of each child and the coaches around them.

Guidance teacher, continued Nadiem, has a development philosophy in it. But also for the people around him.

"There is no driving trainer who believes adults or children have no potential for positive change," said Nadiem.

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