Minister of Education and Culture 3 Prohibited Activities During PTM

www.rancakmedia.comMinister of Teaching and Culture (Ministry of Education and Culture) Nadiem Makarim explained that there are several limit activities as long as the use of face-to-face learning (PTM) is limited.

One of the prohibited things is gymnastics and extracurricular activities. "No sports or extracurricular activities, activities other than studying are not allowed," Nadiem said at a virtual journalist meeting, Tuesday (30 March 2021).

However, apart from these 2 activities, Nadiem explained that the canteen should not be opened. Nadiem explained that this ban was temporary in nature, awaiting follow-up from limited individual schools. "This is for the transitional period of the first 2 months when face-to-face meetings begin," he said.

However, if there are other routines outside the school environment, the faction approves. For example, teachers visit students' homes by strictly enforcing health procedures. "But learning activities outside the environment, for example visiting educators, are allowed as usual. It's commonplace to maintain health," said Nadiem.

activity schools are currently limited. PTM no longer runs as before when there was no Covid-19 outbreak. "Face to face is limited, there are fewer students in one place, with strict distance restrictions. said Nadiem Makarim

Everyone must wear a mask and there should be no activities that cause crowds," said Nadiem. Government requires schools to provide limited opportunities for individual school services. In certain schools, teachers and education staff have been vaccinated.

"After teachers and school education staff have been fully vaccinated, the central government, local government and the ministry of religion require teaching units to provide limited individual school services," said Nadiem.

This decision was taken through a Joint Ministerial Decree (SKB) regarding the basis for implementing evaluations during the Covid-19 outbreak. The SKB was signed by Minister of Teaching and Culture Nadiem Makarim, Minister of Religion Yaqut Cholil Qoumas, Minister of Health Budi Gunadi and Minister of Home Affairs Tito Karnavian.

Face to Face Evaluation

Besides that, face-to-face evaluations can be stopped if a positive case of Covid-19 is identified at school. The closure can be implemented until the school is confirmed to have 0 cases. “So if there is an infection in the school it can be immediately closed.

Individual conversations are limited if the infection still exists or occurs," said Nadiem. According to Nadiem, the central government, regional governments and regional offices of the Ministry of Religion (Kemenag) must also maintain the implementation of limited individual evaluations.

He explained, this limited PTM really depends on the case at school.
"We are not asking face to face, but if there is the spread of Covid-19 in schools there will be no closure. Not wrong. If there is an infection, schools will have to temporarily close, said Nadiem.

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