What Does the General Description Mean, Here's the Explanation!

Rancakmedia.com – The following is an explanation of the meaning of general descriptions that you may not know. The description section is a paragraph that lists the components of the item being viewed. Let's see the article below.

In most cases, when compiling text including report components, we will encounter multiple structures, such as general definitions, section descriptions, and benefits descriptions.

The text of the observation report is an example of text that contains examples of section descriptions, general definitions, and examples of benefits descriptions. This text provides general to specific information and ends with useful observations.

In this article, we'll examine what common description and benefit description mean, and provide examples. A general definition is an explanation of something in a general sense. While the description of the benefits is a paragraph that lists the advantages of the things considered.

Definition of General Description

Definition of General Description

What does the general description mean? In general, a description is a definition of writing that briefly and precisely describes or explains a particular thing or situation.

According to another view, the definition of description is a guideline for transforming data processing efforts into something that can be articulated clearly and accurately so that it can be understood by others who have not experienced it personally.

In this sense, description is a form of text in which the main concept is conveyed by describing a particular item, location, or event in sufficient detail so that the reader feels as if he is experiencing it personally.

Etymologically, "description" comes from the Latin verb "describere" which means to describe or explain something.

Therefore, the notion of description is a type of essay that describes anything according to the actual scenario, so that readers can see, hear and feel what the author describes.

Definition of Description According to Experts

For a clearer understanding of what a description is, we can consult the following experts:

Henry Thunder Tarigan

According to Henry Guntur Tarigan (1994), the concept of description is writing that tries to invite readers to understand, experience and appreciate the object being described, such as moods, actions, etc.

Gorys Keraf

According to Gorys Keraf (1982:93), the definition of description is discourse used to describe things or subject matter in such a way as to make the reader feel as if he is experiencing the object personally.

In the description, the author conveys his perceptions, results of inhibitions, and feelings, as well as the nature and specificity of the form of objects.

Felicia Nuradi Utorodewo

According to Felicia Nuradi Utorodewo, description is a literary work that attempts to describe the shape of the object of observation, its nature, taste or style through a process of deconstruction using the five senses.

Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI)

According to KBBI, the meaning of description is an explanation, description, or detailed words in written form.

Features Description

From some of the reviews above, we will also include some description characteristics so that the product has its own characteristics.

Definition of Description According to Experts

In general, the contents and descriptions contain explanations or item specifics. As follows:

  1. The five senses (sight, hearing, taste, and smell) can be used to describe events.
  2. Descriptions give a precise description of an item or event.
  3. Descriptions can indicate an item's size, shape, color, and attributes, among other physical characteristics.
  4. The words in the description consist of different terms or properties.

Structure Description

In addition to the definitions and qualities mentioned above, we will now explain some of the structure of the description and its main components.

The structure and meaning of the description are as follows:


Identification is a component that determines the determination of one's identity for the purpose of knowing something or objects.


Classification is one of the tasks a compiler may perform including a predefined set of rules.

Description section

The description section is a version of the core paragraph, which consists of a section that contains an overview or exposition of the subject being discussed.

Description Types

The reviews we have reviewed so far will be followed by texts of the various forms of textual information included in the descriptions.

The following is an explanation and what each means:

Subjective Description Text

Subjective descriptive text is a descriptive text that describes something based on the author's perception, using an easy-to-understand paragraph structure.

Spatial Description Text

Spatial descriptive text is descriptive text that describes in terms of location, space, or similar objects.

Objective Description Text

Objective descriptive text is a text that describes something based on the actual condition of the object, without the need for the author to provide additional comments.

Function Description

In many scientific fields, researchers are always required to provide descriptions so that you don't forget their own experiences and can compare them with the experiences of other researchers.

In essence, the description has a form that can be used to validate something in order to get something complete and comprehensive so that it can be utilized in depth.

However, the description can also carry out analysis which can be offered in the form of a description of certain terms so that they are interconnected and related to one another.

Example of a descriptive essay

Keeping in mind the evaluation mentioned above, we will now give examples of descriptive statements.

At the bus stop on the side of the road, we met a beautiful girl with a round face and brown eyes. When someone greeted her gently, the girl's eyes widened, as if her narrowed kindness was met with a grin.

Her shoulder-length black hair seemed to sway in the wind, adding to her natural beauty that was absolutely captivating. Her skin was so white that it reflected the intense afternoon sun. The knee-length white dress accentuated her beauty to the fullest.


The following are questions and answers about general descriptions, including:

What is the Difference between Part Identification and Description?

  1. Identification: Contains a broad description of the object to be discussed by the author.
  2. Section description: Contains a description or overall picture of the item being discussed.

Features Description

What Does the Identification Contain?

According to the authors' findings, the content of the identification structure is the quality of an object or event. With these characteristics, both the writer and the reader as recipients of information can recognize or identify the stated object or event.


So that is the article that we have summarized about the description which contains the meaning of the description, the meaning of the description according to experts, the types of description, the function of the description, the structure of the description and along with examples of descriptive essays. Hopefully this article is useful for you.

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