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The term office comes from the Dutch kantoor, which means a room where you work, place of agency, and other things, in addition. In English, the word office comes from a term that indicates a place to provide services, a place to work, or a job.

Dynamically, office is the process of coordinating tasks such as collecting, recording, processing, storing, or disseminating data. The concept of an office, in a limited sense, is a place to coordinate administrative or administrative tasks.

Statistically, an office is a workplace, workspace, workspace, bureau, headquarters, agency, agency, agency, company, or place to manage data collection, recording, processing, storage and dissemination operations.

Know the Definition of Office According to Experts

The definition of experts about the office, namely:


In Moekijat's view, the notion of an office is nothing more than a place where people gather to do work.

Prajudi Atmosudirjo

According to Prajudi Atmosudirjo, an office is an organizational unit consisting of a place, people, staff, and administrative processes to assist leaders.

Know the Definition of Office According to Experts

C. Denyer

According to C. Denyer, the definition of an office is that it can be in any place and can be called by any name where work can be done.

Ulbert Silalahi (1997:6)

According to Ulbert Silalahi, the place where administrative activities take place is termed "office", which is a work unit consisting of rooms, staff, equipment, and information management operations.

Kallaus and Kelling

Information on a job is managed by the office, which consists of various interconnected systems of technology, procedures, and people. An office is a workplace where the company's most important resource—its information—is managed by an interconnected network of technological systems, processes, and people.

Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI)

The definition of an office according to KBBI is a hall (room, building, and house) is a place where work (agency or company) is taken care of or where work is used to take place.

Office Features

Office features include:

  1. As a tool to connect the senses and also the memory of the leadership of the organization.
  2. Assisting leaders in designing work, simplifying work techniques and simplifying
  3. Management system to improve efficiency in administrative work.
  4. Assist administration in achieving the goals set.

Office Characteristics

Office Elements

The following are included in the elements of the office, namely:

  1. Buildings, rooms, and other items that make up this component.
  2. A person's relationship with an organization is shown by his affiliation with certain groups within the organization, such as offices, employees, and others.
  3. Tools and machines in the workplace are also elements of the office.

Office Purpose

The purpose of the office is to offer a service system in the form of information and recording or storage.

Office Functions

Offices have many roles, including receiving information, recording information, managing information, providing information, and safeguarding assets. For more information, see the following explanation about various office functions:

Receive Information

One of the initial functions of an office was to receive all kinds of information, such as letters, telephone calls, orders, invoices, as well as reports on all kinds of commercial activities.

In addition to receiving incoming information, the office also has a role in collecting additional information that may be required by management.
Receiving Office Information

Recording Information

the second function of the office is to record and store information so that it can be produced as quickly as management wants it.

To be used as evidence in court, any information must be documented. In addition, records are also kept to meet management demands in planning and managing the organization.

Organize Information

the function of an office is to keep all kinds of information organized and accessible to the people who need it most, so that it can be used most effectively.

By using an example of a company promotion activity report, the information is presented in an easy-to-understand way. Reports are generated by people using information or data that has been methodically compiled in the office.

Giving information

This office serves as a clearinghouse for information for individuals in need. The data that has been received, aggregated, categorized and stored is available to management upon request.

Other parts of the information provided may be casual, and some may be special or unintentional. function on this information can also be provided orally or in writing.

Protecting Assets or Property

In addition to its other duties, the office also has a role in maintaining assets or assets. Everything that enters the office is considered as assets or information about the property of the office.

The office will not operate fully if it is only limited to the task of receiving, documenting, organizing and presenting information.

In addition, offices must be able to safeguard assets (such as information or data) so that they can be utilized effectively for the benefit of the company and not lost to careless third parties, including proper storage of these assets and the data they contain.

Office Activities

The activities in the office that you need to know are as follows:

Office Activities

Collecting or Calculating Information

It is an activity to seek and strive for all information that does not yet exist or is scattered everywhere to be accessed into information that can be utilized when needed. The act of collecting and calculating information

Record Description

Information recording is the activity of attaching information to various types of equipment in accordance with modern technological advances and demands, so that the form of information is immediately available for use.

Processing Information

Processing information involves a number of operations to work on information with the aim of presenting it in a more useful way.

Duplicate Description

The process of reinventing information into needed information using various methods and technologies is known as “multitasking.”

Send Description

Sending information is an act of communicating information using different methods and techniques from one party to another.

Save Description

When you store information, you do so in a way that makes it easier to place orders and secure.

Office Types

The following are the types of offices, namely:

Types of Office Types


It's easy to miss the fact that a virtual office doesn't have a real location. All it gives is a postal address and a point of contact.

For example, a company that runs its business from home but rents a virtual office in an office building. Having a physical address in the building where the virtual office is located gives the company legitimacy.

Therefore, the company will gain credibility even if it is done from a home office. In addition, entrepreneurs working from home can keep their personal information private by directing business correspondence to a virtual office.

Receptionists, assistants, call centers, and more are just a few of the communication facilities that come with using a virtual office space. Additionally, a virtual office may provide a well-known address as part of its space offering.

Renting space through this service gives you the ability to have an office with an official postal address and a meeting area for a short period of time.

Serviced Office

This kind of workplace provides not only space but also management. Companies can rent workspaces or entire floors from property management organizations.

Usually serviced offices are in the heart of the city's financial district. The purpose of a serviced office is to provide flexibility for the entrepreneur using it as it can usually be rented out simply.


Some examples of questions and answers about the meaning of the office according to experts, namely:

What Is the Third Office?

The third office is a place or container that is used to collect, store, and maintain assets in the form of company archives or the agency that owns the office.

What Is a Narrow Office?

The concept of an office in a narrow sense is a place to coordinate administrative or administrative tasks.


Office is the process of coordinating tasks such as collecting, recording, processing, storing, or disseminating data. The term office comes from the Dutch word kantoor, which means the room where the work is carried out and the place of the agency.

That's all the information about the meaning of the office according to experts, I hope the above article is useful for all of you.

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