Ministry of Education and Culture Increases KIP Funds to IDR 2.5 trillion – Teaching is the most important field in any country. With teaching, the next generation can be made with a quality character.

Besides that, teaching can produce human resources (HR) who have competitiveness so that they can survive in global competition.

Recently, through the Ministry of Teaching and Culture (Kemendikbud), the government has increased the program budget Indonesia Smart Card (KIP), which was previously IDR 1.3 trillion, to IDR 2.5 trillion for semester tuition and semester/month living expenses.

The Minister of Teaching and Culture Nadiem Makarim explained, his faction would provide an optimal limit for this year's tuition fees, such as the legalization of study programs (prodi) that would be used by each prospective student.

He said the legalization of study program A would grant a maximum of IDR 12 million per person per semester. For study programs with B legalization, the optimal support is IDR 4 million per person and semester.

For courses with C legalization, optimal support is IDR 2.4 million per person and semester.
At that time, the ministry will increase the cost of monthly living support for prospective students who receive the KIP SPP.

"With an average tuition fee of IDR 2.4 million per semester in 2021, we will decide on limits such as the legalization of the undergraduate program," Nadiem said, as taken by from Anadolu Agency.

He explained, the cost of living per month was only Rp. 700,000 for the entire area. Because of this, many prospective students choose universities based on the closest distance from home to avoid the high cost of living.

“Prospective students don't dare to choose the best college in town. It doesn't care about the various options," he said. He explained that in 2021, monthly living expenses for those who receive KIP will be separated per cluster.

Nadiem explained, in the first cluster territory budget an amount of Rp. 800 thousand / month. Cluster two is IDR 950,000 / month. While cluster three is IDR 1.3 million. 4th cluster IDR 1,250,000. In cluster 5, the funds given are IDR 1.4 million / month.

There are three steps to obtaining KIP funding for this course

  1. When trying to enter PTN through the UTBK-SBMPTN in 2021. "Therefore, prospective students must register for KIP College no later than April 1, 2021," said Nadiem.
  2. The deadline for the 2nd KIP course is August to October 2021.
    The 2nd lane is intended for prospective students who wish to enter state universities (PTN) via the independent lane. "However, the time limit for KIP to study this independent lane is the same as the independent selection agenda for each PTN," said Nadiem.
  3. The 3rd time limit is October 2021 and specifically for prospective students who want to study at private universities (PTS) but still receive KIP SPP funds from the government.

He added that the KIP lecture program provides access to various types of public and private study programs in Indonesia so that prospective students can get the best study programs at the best universities. "The better the study program or university, the higher the economic power or tomorrow," he said. ***.

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