Causes of Low Student Learning Motivation

Lovata Andrean

Causes of Low Student Learning Motivation – The following is an explanation of the causes of the low motivation to learn For students, you need to know what causes students' lack of motivation in studying. Come on, look at the article below.

Distance learning or online learning is the government's effort to continue to provide educational facilities for children or the new generation in the middle COVID-19 pandemic which causes all public facilities to be closed or restricted for the health or safety of the population.

A strict and difficult policy that must be faced by all areas of life, including education, and especially by teachers, who are tasked with teaching and instructing their students.

This situation causes instructors to work hard to create a good and comfortable learning environment for students, especially when the effort required is quite tiring and requires personal financial expenditure.

Many teachers and students are still not digitally literate and don't have the technical tools you need to help you learn.

The COVID-19 epidemic has enabled teachers and students to engage in online or cyber-based learning at home.

There are many obstacles and obstacles faced during the learning process, one of which is comfortable learning conditions and situations for students, because not all students can be comfortable studying at home, especially if their house is connected to another business which disturbs your comfort in studying.

Parents who produce annoying noises that interfere with students' learning to concentrate on your studies.

Causes of Low Learning Motivation

Several causes of low student motivation to learn during distance education include:

Inadequate Facilities for Distance Learning

Initially offline or face-to-face in class, the COVID-19 outbreak caused the learning process to become online or face-to-face via the internet network. For online learning to work, students and teachers must prepare your own cell phone, computer, and notebook.

Not only at elementary school (SD) age or equivalent, but also at high school (SMA) age or equivalent, the majority of students still lack access to learning tools.

This makes it difficult for students to learn and for teachers to provide learning opportunities to children who do not have their own gadgets.

Not only in rural or remote areas but also in metropolitan areas when parental income is insufficient to offer these facilities, or if parental income falls or you lose your job due to the epidemic.

Some students with devices admit that there are still obstacles that you have to overcome, especially the lack of internet quota, which really disrupts the learning process of students and teachers because online learning requires internet quota.

Even though the government first helped students by providing a monthly internet allowance of 35 GB to 50 GB, most students still lacked access to materials provided by teachers.

Because the quota cannot be fully used to access cyberspace, most of it is given to learning media such as Google, WhatsApp and Zoom Meeting.

As a result of the obstacles outlined above, students are unable to concentrate on distance learning and are embarrassed to join peers who live nearby. In addition, students do not take the initiative to ask questions about what the teacher teaches.

Student Unpreparedness in the Distance Learning Process

Students' unpreparedness for the new learning modality, namely online, requires students to be super active or student centered in this distance learning process.

Students can use books or web pages that can be accessed by Google in situations that require independence in finding learning resources.

As a result, most students admit that online learning makes you feel burdened and also makes your studies too hard.

This makes most students not want to do your homework, turn in your homework, or register for online programs.

Not Wise in Using Technology

Periodically, technological advances help all human activities and reduce the burden on those who use them. With the advancement of technology, there are now human entertainment options such as social networking and video games.

Both of these can be accessed from any device, not just laptops or desktops, but also mobile phones, which encourages students to continue using your devices for fun rather than learning.

The majority of students spend more time playing online games on your phone than studying, which interferes with your ability to concentrate on your studies. As a result, your grades and attendance suffer, and you are less likely to show up to class.

Incompatibility of the School or Major that the Student Chooses

Students should choose their school based on their interests and preferences. However, many school choices are made by parents of children who consider the school to be reputable or the most popular in the area.

You believe that your choice is best for your children, who will be more informed at school and will be happier as a result.

However, it is inversely proportional to students or their children, because there are some students who don't like or don't match other people's styles or interests, so there is some material that you don't understand in learning and are burdened by the mismatch between the student's major or school and their interests.

Unconducive Learning Environment Conditions

Some students admit that they cannot concentrate at home due to various factors, such as noise from the surrounding environment or their own house, making it less comfortable and safe to study at home.

Students have difficulty studying and completing their work because of things outside your control that don't help you learn and make you less motivated.

Teachers Do Not Provide Motivation to Students

As a teacher, you must first analyze yourself to see whether you often inspire your students. Teachers at school function as teachers and motivators for their students.

The instructor's role in inspiring students is very important, especially for students with low motivation or other problems.

In a way, the students' hearts will be touched by the teacher's motivation. It is a truth that students have higher motivation for teachers who motivate you more often.

Students Don't Like the Teacher's Way of Teaching

Students' lack of motivation to learn in class can also be caused by the teacher's presentation style and methodology.

Students will definitely get bored with boring teaching techniques, delivery of material that is difficult to understand, and the absence of interesting learning tools, among other things. If so, students' motivation to continue paying attention to the topic will decrease.

Students Don't Like Certain Subjects

Every student at school has unique skills and abilities, especially in certain subjects.

There are students who, despite their best efforts, cannot understand certain topics. This can also reduce his motivation. If you are a teacher, you must understand this situation and choose the best course of action for it.

Weak Motivation in Students Themselves

Lack of self-motivation to learn is the main factor that most school-aged students have in modern times. As a result, this causes students to miss out on learning and waste three years of school.

Students do not have clear ambitions and goals. Students lack self-confidence and believe that you are not intelligent. Therefore, he believes that the ultimate goal of school is to get a job, etc.

Troubled Students

Some children may engage in school-based delinquency as a result of a lack of self-motivation to learn, caused by problems in the student's life.

Parental quarrels, divorce, dating, breakups, and other problems in student life can make you less interested in school.

Lack of Parental Attention at Home

Parents play an important role as motivators for children's education, because everything that comes from superior parents, both character and attitude, will become a role model for children, even in the context of their education.

The idea that “the most important thing is that we send our children to school” is not enough; Parents still have a number of responsibilities related to your children's education. On the other hand, if parents do not care about their children's education, it will be detrimental to the children.

Bad Relationship

Students who associate with deviant peers both at home and at school will inevitably engage in criminal behavior. You may not understand that your motivation to study is reduced because you believe that this is how you should enjoy your teenage years.

Technological Progress Factors

It is true that technological advances have made all human activities more comfortable. However, technological advances have negative consequences, especially for schools in this case.

Foreign culture hidden in internet facilities, less educational shows on television, games and media on cellphones, etc., fill the daily activities of school children until you forget to study.

Gradually, these great advances in human civilization reduced school children's motivation to study. You might also assume that students are better able to survive five hours of playing school games than one hour of studying in class.

Questions and answers

The questions and answers to the causes of low learning motivation above are as follows:

What are the consequences of poor student learning?

Student disinterest in learning is a big problem in Indonesia. Low student enthusiasm for learning will hinder Indonesia's growth into a developed nation.

How to overcome students' lack of motivation?

  1. Use Previous Learning
  2. Always Consider
  3. Avoid giving long assignments.
  4. Invite Students to Participate Actively
  5. Teach Note Taking
  6. Private Method
  7. Reciprocity Procedures
  8. To create a study group

What happens when students have no desire to learn?

Lack of student motivation to learn at school. Self-motivation to continue learning is very important for every student because it motivates students to maintain a desire for education. Without this incentive, it is impossible for students to understand what the teacher is telling you.


There are many obstacles and obstacles encountered during the learning process, one of which is conditions and situations that are comfortable for students to learn. That's the article we have summarized, hopefully it's useful.

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