Provisions For Proposal Text language – The word “proposal” originates from the English word “to propose” which means “to propose”. Suggestions are made so that the expected direction can be realized with the agreement or support of other factions.

Proposals are generally used to convey ideas, ideas, activity designs, research ideas, or anything with the aim of solving a problem or testing a thesis.

According to Churin In Nabilah in the book Telaten Bahasa Indonesia (2020), several requirements that need to be fulfilled in a proposal:

  1. The composition of the proposal is clear, the proposal must be clearly designed, meaning that the proposal will give confidence to other people or factions. Proposals must be formulated with direction and no hesitation.
  2. Using certain data, Proposals must use certain data in the background. Do not use dates or numbers that are problematic or predictive.
  3. Proposal settings are attractive and bright. Proposals should be as attractive and clear as possible. For example, with the right information, the layout of the image will be made very interesting.
  4. Look at the use of language, Proposals must be made in a legal and standard language. When writing, you also have to pay attention language rules correct spelling.

Provisions For Proposal Text Language

Suggestions are made so that ideas, ideas or research ideas can be agreed upon by the recipient. The concept of language as one of the special aspects that need to be considered when making a text proposal.

There are six language provisions for the proposed text that need attention:

Use of scientific terms.

The scientific term used must be equated with the scientific sector. For example, from describing a theory by using several terms such as, and others. When using foreign terms that do not contain Indonesian language, they must be italicized. For example, using Latin names for plants, and others.

Use argumentative sentences

This argumentative sentence contains the opinion of the applicant. This must be provided in a recorded manner with proper data or evidence. It means that the proposal rules give more confidence and can be relied on more precisely.

Using Verbs

Treatment The treatment verb is used to make suggestions. It can take the form of steps, ideas, or research methods. The use of this treatment verb makes it easier for the recipient to understand the idea or method to be used, so that the direction of the suggestion is easier to understand.

Use sentences that contain details

Detailed sentence directions to emphasize what you want to provide in the proposal. For example related to the research system, background, direction, and so on. Detailed sentences can be recorded in the first, second, next, next, and so on.

Use sentences that contain meaning

Sentences that describe have the purpose of describing something that will be reviewed in the proposal. For example, rice is rice that has been peeled. Specified sentences can be recorded in the words: is, is, is, is, that is, and so on.

Use sentences that have a simple meaning or stamp

The direction of the terminology sentence to ensure that the content of the suggestion is not problematic or has many meanings. Therefore, the selection of words or phrases must be clear.

If not, there will be misunderstanding because those who receive the proposal do not understand its true meaning. For example, chickens reproduce by laying eggs. Back then, cows were breeding at birth.

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