6 National Coordination Meeting Library References for Strengthening Interest in Reading

Rancakmedia.com – Library references from national working meetings or library sector coordination meetings held by the National Library (Perpusnas) with several references to strengthening literacy.

A national coordination meeting on the topic "Strengthening downstream and upstream literacy culture in improving the economy and systematic reform" has been running since Monday, March 22, 2021 and was attended by more than ten thousand participants from librarians, literacy, activists, media, publishers to representatives of ministries/agencies.

"Many things that we saw from several speakers still have classic characteristics, such as the lack of a good collection adequacy rate, uneven library staff, uneven access to library services, and existing library infrastructure facilities that do not meet national library standards. ” said the Head of the National Library, Muhammad Syarif Bundo.

Besides that, there are still several obstacles, starting from the involvement of citizens who are still not optimal in improving the library, budget constraints for improving libraries and citizen literacy, to the implication of library regulations that are still not sufficient by the local government.

The Head of National Library of Indonesia explained that the results of this National Coordination Meeting would be used to produce a complete report on face-to-face regulations, activists and discussion sessions with a total of 17 roars, and the results of the 2021 National Library of Indonesia coordination meeting reference as basic material tomorrow regarding library improvement.

Some references to the coordination meeting of the National Library include:

1. Collaboration to obtain literacy index targets

National Libraries, Public Libraries, Higher Education Libraries, School Libraries and Special Libraries, and Ministries that create collaboration across ministries/agencies, regional governments. , the private sector and the public.

This collaboration has the goal of increasing a culture of literacy, development and creation as a pillar of acquiring quality and competitive Indonesian citizens. Therefore, the vital target for national development of the library sector in 2022 is to realize citizens' literacy and hobby for reading with a reading target of 63.3 (moderate) and an index of increasing citizen literacy of 13 (sufficient).

2. Achievement of Provincial and District/City Libraries

The Provincial and District/City Libraries summarize the programs and activities that drive the acquisition of library problems, namely: The level of the residents' hobby of reading increases with the mark of the residents' value. The level of interest in reading; Citizens' literacy increases with a sign of increasing Citizens' Literacy Index.

3. Meeting the adequacy level of library staff

National libraries, public libraries, college libraries, school/madrasa libraries, and special libraries are trying to increase the adequacy of library staff by recruiting, going through, and increasing library staff by suggesting the appointment of PPPK staff at the Ministry of Administrative and Bureaucratic Reform. coordinated by the National Library.

4. Realization of Social Inclusion Libraries

Provincial and Regency/Municipal Libraries are trying to increase the utility of social inclusion libraries through simulation/expansion of areas and new networks between actors transferring the form of libraries and networks with private factions or other related factions. Creating support for the need to increase the use of libraries in society.

5. The role of ASN and the utilization of the Information Technology Library

National, Public Libraries, College Libraries, School Libraries and Special Libraries to strengthen the role of ASN as literacy agents by becoming engines and pioneers in promoting and increasing literacy culture in society in general.

This is propagated through the utilization of library institutions and optimizing the use of information technology to increase citizen literacy culture and accelerate the formation of literate citizens.

6. Librarian and Teacher Collaboration

Librarians to synergize with teachers in developing an active evaluation system to improve skills and think about student crises in the Industrial Age 4.0 and remote evaluation.


So, that's the article about the results of the national coordination meeting on the national library rancakmedia.com summarize, so that it becomes an interest in reading for the next generation, especially the Indonesian people. Because by reading we can add and open a wide window of insight into knowledge. Hopefully useful, thank you.

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