Objectives of Basic Student Leadership Training

Rancakmedia.com - Students are the heirs of the nation for the surrounding community. The following is an explanation of the objectives of the basic leadership training carried out by students. Let's see the article below.

Students are a group of young people who are currently studying at universities with their own identities. Student self-esteem is formed by your perception of yourself as a religious, active, sociable and independent individual.

Student identity reflects religious, intellectual, social and individual obligations both as servants of God and as citizens and the state.

Many high-ranking Indonesian politicians are in dire need of student assistance in your quest to make your nation a better place. Therefore, students are required to be able to lead and choose the best for their nation.

Talking about leadership, leadership is a technique of making everyone an example and role model for every member. Leaders and followers cannot be separated physically or functionally because you are inextricably linked.

One can be a leader and a follower at the same time, but a follower must first lead yourself before you can lead others.

Leadership is the process of influencing or giving examples by leaders to their followers in an effort to achieve organizational goals.

Leadership is also an important part of organizational performance and its management. It also directs the work of members of the organization to help the organization achieve its goals.

Definition of Basic Leadership Training

Definition of Basic Leadership Training

The concept of basic leadership training is the theme used in basic training, work programs in the most popular extracurricular activities in schools.

Most of the time, LDK works after the president of the organization and all other positions on the board are elected. This also works before student council administrators or other non-school organization members are elected.

Human resource development and training can be grouped together under the umbrella term “Basic Leadership Training”, which aims to equip students and teachers with the skills and leadership you need to become leaders in their respective organizations.

The development and training of human resources within the organization is now more in-depth, comprehensive and mature.

This is because the company has more funds to host an LDK activity than the same event at school. Because of this, businesses have the financial means and flexibility to devote greater resources to employee education and training.

Objectives of Basic Leadership Training Activities

LDK is an internal work program of various organizations in schools and is organized by various parties for the same purpose. However, the difference lies in the organizers and participants of the training.

The objectives of the Student Leadership Basic Training (LDK) exercise include:

  1. Train yourself in organizational management.
  2. Forming a spirit of leadership for students.
  3. Creating effective communication between members towards the chairman.
  4. Able to organize and streamline administration properly.
  5. Able to solve problems that occur in the leadership system.

Although the focus of the first leadership training may change, the overall format and ongoing agenda remain the same from one LDK engagement to the next.

The main purpose of LDK is to train and also prepare human resources in an organization. In an organization, you will know people, money, methods, machines, materials, and also markets, or the 6 M's for short.

Man is the most important of these things because in the end he will function as a ruler. and a controller for another 5M.

An organization's ability to attract and retain top employees is much better when SDS is implemented. For example, schools absolutely need competent and qualified students who have academic abilities.

All of these children are entitled to represent your school in various contests. Thus, there is success from extracurricular activities that increase school grades for prospective children and parents.

Students who are used to joining groups and have a leadership spirit are predicted to have no difficulties when they have to adjust to a higher school level.

It will be easier for junior high school kids to make friends in high school, and the organizational skills learned in high school will go a long way in college.

Organization and leadership spirit will help students become more agile, able to think critically and solve problems, and be able to work together with others even under pressure.

This skill is very important because it helps students decide whether or not to join more serious and professional groups. It will also help you when you have to go out into society.

Examples of Leadership Basic Training Exercise Themes

There are many interesting topics that you can research and use as the basis for basic leadership training. For example, in 2020, the LDK course at (School Name), will be the "solution of the future".

In this exercise, the future is described as a moment when nothing is known about the circumstances or events that will occur. Or, you can also bring a unique LDK theme such as leading yourself, leading the world.

The emphasis on this issue is why the soul of a leader is so important. You must first lead yourself in a spirit of hard work and discipline if you want to lead the world.

Objectives of Basic Leadership Training Activities

Benefits of Basic Leadership Training

Student leadership training aims to improve student leadership training.

Self-character development is one of the objectives of student leadership training. These are some of the advantages of conducting training.

Forming Character and Skill

The purpose of this training is to help students become better at being good people and doing things well.

The sooner you take this training, the stronger your character will be and the more talents you will learn.

A person's brain can receive more information than someone who is no longer a child because the power to hold it is so great.

Obviously, it would be very dangerous if students absorbed negative and non-constructive things.
Therefore, schools as institutions must provide useful experiences for students, such as leadership training.

Build Self Confidence

Building self-confidence is one of the main objectives of student leadership training. It's no secret that many people lack confidence in your talent.

You don't want to maximize your abilities because you lack confidence. Of course this is a loss because it can not develop these talents.

The answer to this dilemma is that you must undergo leadership training from an early age. If a person never accepts responsibility, he can never lead.

Students' self-confidence and courage as leaders will be stronger if their school hosts this event. Taking charge is something you will be more comfortable with as you gain experience in a leadership role.

It takes someone of this caliber to become a successful leader in the future.

Benefits of Basic Leadership Training

Organizational Learning

Organization is the most suitable tool for teaching leadership. Therefore, schools as educational institutions must create facilities or forums for students to be able to organize.

While in high school, you can learn to organize through the Intra-School Student Organization (OSIS), MPK, and Rohis.

Students who are still in school diligently join an organization, and your quality will be observed. In addition, the attitude you have is getting stronger and is being tested, so you don't give up easily.

All experience gained during joining the organization will be immediately applied when operating. As an example, consider collaboration (teamwork).

Challenging Yourself to Continue to Grow

Involvement in an organization is a sure way to gain extensive and invaluable experience. Working in groups is one such experience.

It's not easy to work in a group because there are so many people with different personalities. where everyone has their own thoughts and beliefs.

The leadership organization will give you the opportunity to learn how to defend your own beliefs and ideas in a healthy way and how to deal with disagreements.

Within the organization, you can set goals for yourself to encourage yourself to learn new things and broaden your horizons.

Fostering Future Leaders

Leaders, in particular, but the company as a whole, need constant updating. So, you can't just rely on one leader. Instead, you need to quickly train new leaders who can take over.

Choosing a potential leader is not easy because all the necessary qualities must be present. One of the techniques to make the regeneration of leaders easier to do is to conduct leadership training.

This is because this training can be an arena for creating future leaders who are ready to replace the role of former leaders.


Basic Student Leadership Training (LDK) aims to equip students and teachers with the skills and leadership you need to become leaders in their respective organizations.

LDK is an internal work program of various organizations in schools and is organized by various parties for the same purpose. Students need leadership training from an early age.

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