Ways to Improve the Quality of Education in Indonesia

Rancakmedia.com - You need to know that the quality of education in Indonesia is very low, for that in the article below we will tell you how to improve the quality of education.

Having an elegant and quality education is certainly the dream of every teacher in Indonesia. Of course, with quality education, education in West Kalimantan and other regions can compete with each other and strive to build a better generation than the previous generation for a brighter future for Indonesia.

But whether we realize it or not, the quality of education in Indonesia is still far from prime. There are still many studies to be carried out, especially for those who are involved in education, in order to improve the quality of education in Indonesia.

The number of incidents of brawls between students or students who skip classes and commit crimes is one illustration of the chaotic world of education in Indonesia. The low standard of education in Indonesia is also caused by problems within schools, such as those involving corruption.

So, what can be done to improve the quality of education in Indonesia?

Factors Causing the Low Quality of Education

There are quite a number of factors that influence the low level of education in Indonesia, among others, of course, some of these causes need to be properly understood so that efforts to improve the quality of education in Indonesia in the future can be carried out as well as possible.

Some of the factors behind the low level of education in Indonesia are as follows:

Factors Causing the Low Quality of Education

Low Quality of Physical Facilities

As can be seen from the many schools and colleges in Indonesia that have structural problems, lack entire libraries, or have substandard laboratory conditions, to name a few problems.

Low Quality of Teachers

There are still many teachers who do not have high professionalism, including certification, in-depth knowledge of many subjects in the field of education, and so on. Even though the teacher is not a factor in student performance, the teacher still has a very important role.

Low Teacher Welfare

There are a large number of educators making a very small living. Teachers with multiple responsibilities were not given the support they needed, resulting in substandard classroom conditions.

Lack of Equality of Education Quality

There are quite extraordinary disparities in education in different places. It might be said that SMKs in West Kalimantan are somewhat different from schools which are in fact located in metropolitan areas with wider access to knowledge.

The high cost of education in Indonesia Even though the government has enacted laws regulating free education, not all institutions can implement this idea.

Of course, some of these factors should be of paramount importance to every school administrator. With comprehensive knowledge about the causes of the low quality of education in Indonesia, further quality improvements can be made if necessary.

Tips and Efforts to Improve Education Quality

There are quite a number of recommendations and activities that can be carried out to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. For example, it could benefit from these ideas in the future by making learning easier and producing better graduates.

Some efforts to improve the quality of education that can be done are as follows:

Learning Curriculum Changes

It can be said that the curriculum is very important in the implementation of education. Therefore, the contents of the curriculum will have a direct impact on the teaching process, including how the quality of education will be developed. Therefore, curricular modifications can be made in accordance with the needs of students.

Teacher Quality Improvement

In addition to curricular modifications, improving the quality of teachers is also very important to optimize the quality of education in Indonesia. The teacher is the driving force of education, which of course will lead to how the teaching process will be carried out.

For a decent quality of education, high quality instructors are also important. As a result, educators must be equipped to do their jobs. In order for teachers to be prepared for the problems they will face in the future, there are many types of teacher education and other things that need attention.

Teacher Quality Improvement

Provision of Operational Assistance

Providing operational assistance, both for schools and students, is also very meaningful in efforts to improve the quality of education in Indonesia. Operational support can then be used to obtain higher education completion than before.

Currently, the government has provided assistance in the form of BOS, or school operational funds. The task of BOS is to meet various school needs, such as paying honorariums for honorary teachers, making schools better, providing teachers with what they need, and so on.

Equality of Education Quality in Indonesia

The quality of Indonesian education education will greatly improve with a more equitable distribution of educational resources. This is a good idea because there will be healthy competition in education.

Some things that can be done include relocating teachers to isolated areas in Indonesia. Thus, these places will have the possibility of having a higher education than before.

In addition, providing priority assistance can also be a means to achieve it. The funds provided will no doubt be put to good use in the construction of new educational facilities in Indonesia, helping to raise the overall quality of the country's educational standards.

Influencing Factors in Improving the Quality of Education

There are various factors that affect improving the quality of students which can be divided into two, namely as follows:

External Factors

Below are some external factors that improve the quality of education, as follows:

Globalization Challenges

In accordance with growth and science and technology, our planet has undergone many changes in all parts of its existence. Everyone in their profession is expected not only to be able to take part and be competent at the local and national levels, but also to be able to take part at the world level.

Syaiful Sagala further emphasized that in this era of globalization, humans need to try to know much, do much, achieve excellence, and try to maintain moral principles.

Human resources that are able to compete not only with their counterparts in a region, region or country, but also with people from other regions, regions and countries can be deduced from the two characteristics given above.

Mastery of Foreign Languages

With the growth of international business institutions and more and more foreign investment coming into Indonesia, more and more people want to learn international languages. English is a requirement for many jobs.

Many books and other forms of information that enter Indonesia are in English. As with computer technology, which is now the only prerequisite, everything on the internet is written in English.

Even in ordinary conversation among the nation's upper middle class, the terms used are often derived from the English lexicon. Arabic language development seeks to improve students' ability to speak Arabic, which is then used as a tool for pursuing Islamic studies.

Mastery of Foreign Languages

Through intense, creative, exciting, and habituation language learning, it is intended that students are able to speak Arabic and be able to carry out research on Arabic literature freely, so that students are able to construct knowledge that is more fulfilling.

Having fluency in more than one language broadens one's horizons and opens up a world of options. Active adaptation of foreign languages, especially English, must be carried out by implementing the use of English in the form of learning English literature.

So, it's clear that knowing an international language, like English, is one of the most important things you need to be able to compete on the world stage.

Family Factor

The family is where the student lives; In the family, students experience growth and development. There are various elements that have an impact on improving the quality of students in the home environment, including:

  1. Parents' education level
  2. The way parents educate or foster family member relationships
  3. Family atmosphere or scenario
  4. Family economic status.

All of these may have a positive or negative influence on a student's learning experience and their final grade.

School Factors (Instrumental factors)

Umaedi assessed that there are several things that can help students excel in school. This includes curriculum materials, teacher skills, administrative assistance, infrastructure, and good school education. According to Zamroni, several factors that can affect the improvement of student quality are:

  1. Professional leader or manager
  2. Quality resources
  3. Quality administration
  4. Adequate infrastructure
  5. And a supportive environment and other factors.

Social or Community Environment

Students are sociable individuals who prefer to live with one another. This way of life would give rise to a kind of social interaction in which people give and take and which would become a constant feature of human existence.

The personal growth and development of students is influenced by their immediate social environment.
According to Slameto, the existence of students in society can be influenced by several things, as follows:

  1. Student activities in society
  2. Mass media
  3. Friends get along and form community life.

Internal factors

Several internal factors that can help improve the quality of education are:

Internal Factors of Education Quality

Physical health

The level of motivation and engagement of students in class may be affected by their physical health. Headaches and other symptoms of organ weakness, these can lower the quality of their creative (cognitive) shutter, it may be easier for them to remember what they learn if their creative shutter is up.

Psychological Aspect

Intelligence, talent, actual skills or achievements possessed by students, both inherent and derived through the consequences of external influences and certain personalities such as: attitudes, habits, interests, needs, motivations, emotions, adjustment.

There are at least seven factors that are categorized as psychological factors, namely: intellect, attention, interest, talent, motivation, maturity, and fatigue. Of all that will affect the improvement of the good and bad quality of students or the success obtained by students.


Quite a lot of factors influence the low level of education in Indonesia. Several causes need to be well understood so that efforts to improve the quality of education in the future can be carried out effectively.

The government has passed laws addressing free education, but not all institutions have embraced the idea. There are lots of recommendations and activities that can be done to improve the quality of education in Indonesia.

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