Ministry of Education and Culture accelerates face-to-face evaluation at schools - Throughout the year of the Covid-19 outbreak, there were many students who took distance teaching (PJJ). Therefore the Ministry of Education and Culture evaluates face-to-face meetings at schools, the length of time PJJ will have a negative effect on students.

Even the Minister of Education and Culture (Minister of Education and Culture) Nadiem Makarim views that this PJJ has the potential to create continuous negative social impacts.

The risk of students dropping out of school will increase because some children inevitably help the family's finances in the midst of a critical outbreak.

Besides that, other impacts take the form of reduced academic achievement, violence against children, and other external risks.

This was published by the Minister of Teaching and Culture Nadiem Makadiem on Thursday (18 March 2021) at a working meeting with Commission X DPR RI at the Nusantara I Building, Senayan, Jakarta.

Of course the work discussion must address several important rumors in the world of teaching, including those relating to face-to-face learning (PTM) in July 2021.

Besides that, the face-to-face meetings at the school reviewed the government's ideas for teacher vaccination, national assessments, and acceptance of new students.

PTM acceleration

Nadiem said, since January 2021 the determination Face-to-face learning limited to the prerogative of local government. Limited PTM is allowed at the beginning of the year.

"For parents who don't want their children face to face, their option is to still have their children at home. In the end, the choice is up to the parents.

If teachers have been vaccinated, schools are bound to be limited to providing individual options," said Nadiem, as taken by the DPR RI website.

This is of course related to PTM provisions for areas that are included in the green and yellow zones of the spread of Covid-19 are allowed to carry out PTM.

But so far, only 56 % have learned face to face in the green zone and only 28 % have studied directly in the yellow zone. Therefore, opening schools depends on the decision of each local government.

But with this vaccination program, the Minister of Education and Culture made it clear that his faction was trying to accelerate PTM in schools. "Learning loss will continue to occur if we don't meet face to face.

This regulation has the aim of accelerating the individual learning process in Indonesia," said Nadiem. In fact, only 16 %s studied face-to-face and the remaining 84 %s were PJJ.

This needs to be scaled up quickly. "Because of the vaccination of our teachers and education staff, PTM is increasingly being accelerated in schools," said the Minister of National Education and Culture.

Commission X Provides Support

Minister of Teaching and Culture At that time, Deputy Chairperson of Commission X DPR RI Agustina Wilujeng Pramestuti welcomed the government's idea to reopen the teaching and learning process face to face in schools.

However, the evaluation process must continue to be carried out with caution because the Covid-19 outbreak is still ongoing. Therefore, teaching implementers need to ensure health procedures such as using masks, keeping a distance, and limiting the number of students so that the implementation of the shift mechanism must continue.

"Commission X provides all support, especially the positive ones from the schedule said by the minister, and we will help, especially opening schools face to face," said Agustina.

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