TVRI Learning Program from Home Starting March 19, 2021 – The Online Study Schedule Program on TVRI National TV from the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) is back.

Educational broadcast on TVRI National is intended for some PAUD and SD students who study online in the 2020/2021 even semester.

For students and school teachers who study remotely, the evaluation agenda at home cannot be missed. The website of the Ministry of Teaching and Culture will provide learning via TVRI National TV starting Friday 19 March 2021.

The following is the TVRI Study Agenda for March 19, 2021:

  1. 08.00-08.30, PAUD: Exit Public Transportation
  2. 8.30-09.00, Grade 1 SD: Nebel and Dew
  3. 09.00-09.30, 2nd grade elementary school: Dew
  4. 09.30-10.00, SD grade 3: difference between fog and dew
  5. 10.00-10.30, 4th grade: make a waterwheel
  6. 10.30-11.00, 5th grade elementary school: identify biomass briquette class
  7. 11.00-11.30, 6th grade SD: Alternative energy source: water

Thus a short article about information online study program broadcast by TVRI, Indonesian national TV, to make it easier for students to carry out educational programs during the pandemic.

Note: This program may vary from time to time depending on TVRI, broadcast regulations of the Ministry of Education and Culture. Changes to the agenda will be announced later.

Agenda for Learning From Home at TVRI SD Class 1

Brother and sister play writing names on the dewy glass. Apparently the water point can turn into various forms. There is as rain, there is as fog, and there is as dew. Today we are going to do a weekly project, namely making clouds out of cotton. That's great, huh! Besides that, we will learn to determine whole number predictions and calculate the length of the table using a pencil. You can't miss this opportunity scene, okay!

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