Christian Gets The Highest GPA At UI! – Christian Evan Chandra, Actuarial Science alumnus from University of Indonesia (UI), was confirmed as UI's Best GPA winner. He is one of the alumni who achieved a prime GPA of 4 cum laude.

He studied at UI for 3.5 years. Achieving a prime GPA like Christian is the dream of every tertiary student. However, only a few have succeeded in breaking that figure, especially for the study sector which is included in the science and technology group.

So what study guide did Christian use to get the highest GPA score at UI? In short, on Wednesday (17 March 2021) Christian gave five guidelines for getting the best GPA in the user interface.

Here's the abbreviation:

1. Choose a study based on spirit.

The man who is fondly called Cev admits that he has been interested in mathematics and science since childhood.

It was very good for him. “It's really fun to learn the subjects we love freely from anyone,” said Cev. Thus, Cev really enjoys each evaluation process.

Counted when encountering problems in understanding new material. "Finding a way out rather than a way out is an evaluation process," he said.

With a strong will and interest in him, in the end Cev chose the FMIPA UI Actuarial Knowledge Study Program (Prodi) with great optimism. "After graduating from Penabur 3 Christian High School in Jakarta in 2017 through the SBMPTN lane," he said.

2. Study Stably and Manage Time Wisely

As a form of responsibility for their decision, their faction does not want to waste their struggle to enter the latest undergraduate program at FMIPA UI.

He knows that college exposure is heavier than high school teaching initially. Besides that, this study program has experienced a very high level of accuracy since it was officially opened for the first time.

That's why he always tries to study steadily and manages his study time well. Almost no time is wasted commuting to university or home.

"Furthermore, during breaks between classes, starting on weekends, he uses it to study," he said.

3. Optimistic to always be open

Smart math, doesn't mean that all evaluation processes on campus are always smooth. He admits that he often has trouble learning new material.

However, he has always believed that one's strength cannot be increased without determination and effort to overcome learning difficulties.

To deal with this, Cev did not hesitate to discuss with faculty and friends, and even joined the dialogue community regarding online actuarial offers.

“Self disclosure is mandatory. If we are entangled in one matter, we should not be ashamed to ask our lecturers or colleagues," he said. The more knowledgeable a person is on the subject, the more optimistic they will be at answering some of the tough questions.

4. Concentration on the direction of evaluation.

He never expected to get a prime GPA. All he understands is that he can do his students' work to the best of his ability. The best value, continued Cev, not one goal.

Because no less priority is how they can apply their knowledge and share it with someone. "I'm not just trying to get good grades, I'm trying to deeply understand the things behind the knowledge, apply it and explain it to someone," said Cev.

5. Balance life with hobbies

Although he studies hard, studying is not one of his hobbies. Indeed learning can not only be said as a hobby, but also can be concluded as something that is important to be carried out regularly.

The goal is to be able to develop in line with the changing times. Cev knows that he must have other passions to equalize life.

This is why he chose to sing, enjoy motorsport attractions and write on several bases as his hobby.

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