Guidelines for Success in Receiving Overseas Scholarships – How to get a scholarship abroad? Within this framework, the Scholarship House held an online seminar with Learn with lecturers and students from the Eleven March Campus (UNS) as accompanists.

Advice was given by Kokoh Mukti Wibowo, S.Pd, UNS Master of Mechanical Engineering student, Director of the Scholarship House, and CEO of the Energy Society Corporation.

“Several people who want and are willing to accept scholarships abroad. However, sometimes they have problems with what they believe in themselves,” said Kokoh, as told UNS – Taken website, Monday (8/3/2021).

Important Things That Must Be Prepared

Several things are important to prepare in order to receive scholarships abroad, said Kokoh:

1. Prayer

2. Design dreams and hopes

3. Completely optimistic

4. Trust and positive thinking "Generally a person believes in his country, believes in his environment, believes in his circle.

But when he meets a new environment, he feels less confident,” said Kokoh. Not only that, according to Kokoh, there are several things that are important to prepare when applying for scholarships abroad.

This includes: Improve communication and information with overview language and publicity around the world “We already have cell phones, we already have social media, and we are connected to the internet every day.

So from there we can get information about Reproduce. scholarship. "Many Benefits of Studying Abroad while Dr. Eng. Nugroho Agung Pambudi, M.Eng. The Best 2019 UNS Science and Technology Lecturer and who has received many foreign scholarships, gave his response.

According to him, virtue is having high standards and active business. Studying abroad has various benefits that can be developed personally.

Its many benefits include: good individual development network, multilingual power, more confidence, better job opportunities, better quality of teaching, better travel, colorful life.

“The benefit is that you are taking a step into an environment full of people. Your next period is better. You will definitely get better, "explained Dr. Nugroho explaining scholarships provided by foreign governments including scholarships:

Monbukagusho from the Japanese government Fulbright from the US government CIMO from the Finnish government There are also types of scholarships provided by universities, such as scholarship programs in:

All Taiwan University

Leiden University

George Washington University

To get the scholarship, Dr. Nugroho gave tips on how to get scholarships abroad:

1. Creating a mindset to develop motivation to realize the dream of studying abroad.

2. Find your dream campus. Choose a college based on suitable options and opportunities.

3. Next Look for Scholarships and Make a Qualified Overview to Help You Support Personally with Opportunities to Receive Scholarships Abroad.

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