Come on, see how to register for SNMPTN 2021

Come on, see how to register for SNMPTN 2021 – Registration for the 2021 State University Entrance National Selection (SNMPTN) has opened today, Monday (15/2/2021). SNMPTN 2021 registration will start at 15.00 WIB. How to register for SNMPTN 2021?

There are 7 stages that must be carried out when registering for the 2021 SNMPTN. Here are the details:

  1. Login to the LTMPT portal or using the registered email address and password.
  2. Students fill in "Parent Data Completeness" on the PROFILE page.
  3. Students register for SNMPTN by filling in their choice of study programs on the OPTIONS page.
  4. wa fill in the portfolio on the PORTFOLIO page, if the selected study program requires portfolio documents. If the study program chosen does not require portfolio documents, then this page does not need to be filled in.
  5. Students fill in achievements on the ACHIEVEMENT page. The achievements on this page are not mandatory, meaning they are not mandatory. Please fill in the achievements in accordance with the field and level of achievement required for each choice in the column.
  6. Students finalize on the FINALIZATION page if all data entries are believed to be correct. After you finalize, the data entry cannot be canceled and cannot be changed for any reason.
  7. Students download and print registration cards.

Pay attention to this when registering for the 2021 SNMPTN

Please note, there are 86 choices of state universities spread across all regions in Indonesia. The choice of study programs also varies. Pay attention to the following when you register for SNMPTN 2021:

How to find out if you have passed the SNMPTN requirements

When logging in to the LTMPT portal, if you don't meet the requirements to register for SNMPTN, a message will appear "Sorry, you are not eligible to take part in SNMPTN 2021. Please take part in SBMPTN 2021".

Applicants who do not pass the SNMPTN can still try by registering through the State Higher Education Entrance Joint Selection (SBMPTN) route.

If you have fulfilled the requirements but have not done data permanent on the LTMPT portal, a warning will appear to do data permanent first.


Pada halaman PROFIL, berisi informasi biodata dari siswa. Seluruh informasi pada kolom “Biodata” diambil dari data yang telah diisikan di portal, seperti nama, NISN, NPSN sekolah, dan asal sekolah. Isian tersebut tidak dapat diubah pada application pendaftaran SNMPTN.

Students only need to fill in "Parent Data Completeness". Information that needs to be prepared includes parental income and the number of parental dependents.

There, there is already a range of parents' income choices, so students only need to choose the appropriate range.


If the selected study program does not require a portfolio, then only the PORTFOLIO header will appear but there is no choice of contents. Some study programs require you to fill in a portfolio, such as Dance, Fine Arts, Music where you are required to upload videos, pictures, or the like.

To view instructions and portfolio requirements please "Download Instructions" and "Download Documentation" provided. Select "Choose File" to select a file to upload then press the "Save" button. Download PPT is used to download the already uploaded portfolio PPT.

When will the 2021 SNMPTN be announced?

The 2021 SNMPTN registration period will last until February 24, 2021. If students do not yet have an LTMPT account, registration can still be done with the deadline until February 23, 2021.

When will the 2021 SNMPTN be announced? Announcement of the 2021 SNMPTN results can be found on March 22, 2021, through the LTMPT page at

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