Complete PPDB JATIM 2022 requirements for SMA-SMK – As we know, PPDB JATIM has been opened in the third week of May, here are the conditions for PPDB JATIM 2022 that you need to know that we have quoted from juknisppdbjatim.

All stages of PPDB registration for SMA-SMK JATIM 2022 are carried out online, specifically through the portal Online procedures are carried out from the validation stage of report cards to registration.

The PPDB JATIM 2022 stages for SMA and SMK will begin with the entry of prospective applicants' report cards on May 23-28 2022. The SMP head enters scores into the database using

Next on 27-30 May 2022, report verification can be done by PPDB SMA-SMK JATIM applicants through the website

If there is an incorrect report card grade data, officers from the SMP/equivalent of students can make revisions on May 28-31 2022. Improvements to student report card entries are also carried out online, specifically through the report card site.

Provisions for Registration of PPDB JATIM SMA-SMK

Prospective registrants for East Java PPDB SMA-SMK can then pick up the required PIN for online registration between June 2 and 18 2022. In addition, from June 13-18 online registration training procedures will be carried out, according to an official release from the East Java Education Office.

PPDB JATIM 2022 online registration for SMA and SMK will open about three weeks after the submission of report cards. There are 5 stages of the PPDB JATIM 2022 registration schedule which will take place from June 20 to early July. The five stages are separated depending on the type of PPDB registration process for SMA-SMK in East Java.

Registration is done online using the website All prospective SMA and SMK students in East Java who wish to take part in PPDB 2022 must pay attention to the special registration schedule. Registration is limited to two days per stage for this reason.

PPDB SMA-SMK 2022 in East Java is still in the socialization stage. Thus, the official website for submission of report cards and registration for PPDB JATIM 2022 East Java is currently not active."

Provisions for Registration of PPDB JATIM SMA-SMK

The requirements for registration for SMA-SMK according to the PPDB JATIM 2022 technical instructions can be viewed via the following link:

Requirements for PPDB East Java 2022 SMA and SMK PPDB East Java 2022 have various prerequisites for prospective state high school and vocational students in East Java. There are general and unique requirements to be aware of.

Requirements for PPDB JATIM SMA and SMK

Below are some of the requirements for PPDB JATIM for SMA and SMK levels that we have quoted from juknisppdbjatim, as follows:

  1. Prospective SMA-SMK students are maximum 21 years old as of July 1, 2022
  2. Age proven by birth certificate or birth certificate
  3. The birth certificate must be legalized by the village head/head of village according to domicile
  4. Prospective SMA-SMK students have completed their studies in grade 9 SMP/equivalent
  5. Prospective SMA-SMK students must have a diploma or graduation certificate
  6. Prospective SMA-SMK students graduating from SMP/equivalent in 2022 or the previous year
  7. Prospective SMA-SMK students must be registered on the Family Card (KK)
  8. The KK was published at least 1 year before June 20, 2022 (list date of phase 1)
  9. KK according to population data and civil records of the Ministry of Home Affairs
  10. If there is no KK due to "certain circumstances," a domicile certificate is replaced
  11. “Certain Circumstances” can be natural disasters or social disasters (conflicts/riots)
  12. A domicile certificate is issued by the lurah/village head or other authorized local official, without being limited to the period of starting domicile
  13. The domicile certificate must be accompanied by a photocopy of the SK from the local BPBD regarding the status of the disaster.
    If the KK has only been issued for less than 1 year due to "something," a certificate from the head of the RT (known to the head of the RW and local lurah/kades) is meant by "something" that can be (1) addition/decrease of family members in the KK , or (2) a new KK was issued due to moving house
  14. The certificate from the head of the RT must be accompanied by an explanation of the reasons for changing the KK
  15. If a new KK is issued due to addition/decrease in family members, there must be an explanation that the prospective student has entered the KK at least 1 year before June 20, 2022 (PPDB JATIM 2022 Phase I registration date). students are biological children
  16. Specifically for prospective students from Islamic boarding schools/orphanages/social institutions, follow the place of domicile of the institution, as evidenced by a certificate from the institution
  17. Age requirements are exempted for four categories of schools (schools providing special education; schools providing special education services; schools in the Islands, Mountains and Interior; schools in areas where the school-age population cannot meet the provisions for the number of students in one study group)
  18. Prospective new students with disabilities have completed junior high school/other forms of equivalent or advanced learning outcomes that are recognized as equal or equivalent to junior high schools or MTs
  19. Prospective new students with disabilities have the results of an initial assessment (Physical/Psychological, Academic, Functional, Sensory and Motor Assessment by a Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Specialist Doctor) and a certificate
  20. The head of the original school who explains the group of students with disabilities
  21. Prospective high school/vocational school students from schools abroad, in addition to meeting the requirements for completing and graduating from junior high school/equivalent, must obtain a study permit recommendation letter, and an application for a study permit recommendation letter to the director general in charge of early childhood education, basic education, and secondary education for prospective new SMA students, and the director general in charge of vocational education for prospective new SMK students
  22. For schools that accept students of foreign nationality, they must hold an Indonesian Language Education matriculation for a minimum of 6 months which is held by the school concerned
    Schools accepting students of foreign nationals who do not implement the above will be subject to administrative sanctions in the form of written warnings
  23. Prospective new students, not currently involved in criminal acts and drug abuse, not tattooed and/or not pierced for prospective new male students, and not pierced out of place for prospective new female students, by filling out a statement
  24. SMK levels with specific areas of expertise, expertise programs, or competency skills may stipulate additional specific requirements
  25. Special requirements for not being color blind apply to prospective vocational students for the following skills programs: Hair and Skin Cosmetology; Dressmaking, Multimedia, Engineering Technology (except Industrial Engineering and Construction Technology); Pharmacy; Arts and Creative Industries (except Sculpture, Musical Arts, Karawitan Arts, Puppetry, Acting Theatre, Radio/Television Program Production and Broadcast)
  26. Special requirements for minimum height of 153 cm (female) and 158 cm (male), apply to prospective vocational students for the following programs: Tourism Travel Business; Spa and Beauty Therapy; Hospitality; Hair and Skin Cosmetology; Heavy Equipment Engineering

Requirements for PPDB JATIM SMA and SMK

East Java PPDB Call Center 2022

Below we have provided a number of call center numbers that you can use to get related information about PPDB JATIM 2022, as follows:

  1. WA 0811-3055-8880 (public service chat)
  2. WA 0811-3055-8890 (special service for school operators)
  3. Tel 0811-3055-8881 (community service)
  4. Tel 0811-3055-8882 (community service)
  5. Tel 0811-3055-8883 (community service)
  6. Tel 0811-3055-8884 (community service)
  7. Tel 0811-3055-8885 (community service)
  8. Tel 0811-3055-8886 (community service)
  9. Tel 0811-3055-8887 (community service)
  10. Tel 0811-3055-8889 (community service)


In the article above, we not only provide PPDB JATIM requirements, but we also provide information regarding PPDB provisions and also the East Java PPDB Call Center which can make it easier for you to take part in PPDB JATIM.

If you are confused with how to login PPDB JATIM, you can easily find out in the articles we have prepared before.

Thus the article regarding the Complete PPDB JATIM 2022 Requirements for SMA-SMK, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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