How to View the 2022-2023 SBMPTN UTBK Announcement, Through the Official SBMPTN Website – In the article below we will provide instructions on how to view the 2022-2022 UTBK SBMPTN announcement by going through the official SBMPTN website.

After completing the registration and examination process, as well as the SBMPTN ability test, SBMPTN participants can't wait for the SBMPTN announcement.

Until the SBMPTN announcement arrives, you need to know how to view the SBMPTN announcement in its current form.

What is the problem? Because by learning how to observe SBMPTN announcements, it is hoped that subsequent SBMPTN participants will not experience uncertainty when checking SBMPTN pass.

Interruptions When Opening SBMPTN Announcements

When the SBMPTN announcement comes, various events may occur. that:

Interruptions When Opening SBMPTN Announcements

  1. At least 95% SBMPTN participants simultaneously accessed the official SBMPTN website
  2. The official SBMPTN website sometimes has problems / the server goes out
  3. Anxiety and Hope Due to Seeing the SBMPTN Announcement

The following is an explanation of what happened:

1. SBMPTN Participants Open the Official SBMPTN Website Simultaneously

When the SBMPTN announcement comes, every SBMPTN participant must have the desire to see their graduation directly on the internet because the SBMPTN announcement is announced online on the internet.

There are many preparations that must be prepared to welcome the SBMPTN announcement itself, namely:

  1. Laptop, Modem, Adequate quota and internet speed, as well as the SBMPTN participant number

After completing the above, SBMPTN participants can observe the SBMPTN announcements for themselves from your home. Or you can also watch the SBMPTN announcements at the nearest internet cafe.

2. The official SBMPTN website can sometimes experience downtime or errors

Due to the large number of users (SBMPTN participants) visiting the official SBMPTN website simultaneously, the official SBMPTN website may experience interruptions/errors.

If this happens, SBMPTN participants must be patient waiting for the official SBMPTN website to return to normal. As a countermeasure, SBMPTN participants can verify their SBMPTN pass on an alternative site or mirror that has been officially appointed by the committee to help announce SBMPTN pass.

3. Ups and downs after seeing the SBMPTN Announcement

SBMPTN participants who have passed SBMPTN will feel satisfied. Participants who passed the SBMPTN expressed their gratitude for the positive results.

Participants who pass the SBMPTN must immediately read the SBMPTN re-registration information on the official website of the receiving PTN. You have to read it yourself with the re-registration process as well as the timeline for its implementation.

On the other hand, SBMPTN participants were upset and sad when they found out that they had passed the selection. We advise you to stay strong, never give up, and keep fighting.

Please try to follow the independent selection route offered by your destination PTN, or you can study at well-known private institutions in Indonesia. Remember! Your future success depends entirely on you, not where you study.

After the above information is presented in the form of events that occurred at the time of the SBMPTN announcement, a way will be given to view the SBMPTN announcement.

How to View UTBK SBMPTN Announcements

We remind you again that the SBMPTN announcement will be released online through the official SBMPTN website and if the official website is experiencing problems/server down, then please check the SBMPTN announcement on an alternative site.

1. See the SBMPTN Announcement on the SBMPTN Official Website

The official SBMPTN announcement website is the main site prepared to announce SBMPTN results. is the official website URL for SBMPTN announcements.

2. See SBMPTN Announcements on Alternative Sites or PTN Mirror Pages

Alternative SBMPTN Announcement Site is a site prepared to help announce SBMPTN results when the main SBMPTN announcement site is offline.

The alternative location for the announcement of the SBMPTN has been chosen by the committee/agency to help announce the results of the SBMPTN. So you can safely watch the SBMPTN announcements on alternative sites because the SBMPTN results will also be the same when you check the SBMPTN results on the official website.


In the article above, we not only provide a way to see the UTBK SBMPTN announcement, but we also provide a list of distractions when opening the SBMPTN announcement.

This is an article about how to view the UTBK SBMPTN 2022_2023 announcement, through the official SBMPTN website. Hopefully the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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