Here Are Tips for Successfully Applying for Jobs for “Fresh Graduates”

Here Are Tips for Successfully Applying for Jobs for “Fresh Graduates” - During the Covid-19 outbreak season it presented its own obstacles, especially for fresh graduate alumni who wish to apply for work. Because, you have to compete with people who have experience in the world of work.

Psychology alumni of Airlangga University (Unair) Lukitariani provide guidance, so that fresh graduate job applicants can be accepted by the destination organization or company.

Releasing the Unair website, Friday (8/1/2021), said that there are 6 guidelines given by Lukitariani for fresh graduate scholars when applying for work. Please read clearly the six success guides for fresh graduates when applying for a job at a company.

The first thing that needs to be considered by job applicants is the qualifications desired by the company. So make sure that the terms and qualifications are in accordance with the conditions of the prospective applicant.

"It's a shame if you send applications to many companies, but it doesn't necessarily match the qualifications desired by the company," said Luki as he is usually called.

After understanding the qualifications and in accordance with the conditions. So make sure to complete the file when applying. If you attach a certificate you have, it will also be a separate point of consideration.

  • Create a CV that stands out

When creating a CV that stands out, it will keep recruiters interested. When using the ATS system or tracking system for job applicants as needed, it will make it easier for companies to find prospective employees.

"When you have internship experience, don't just write down the place of the internship, but also write down the tasks and responsibilities carried out during the internship," said Luki.

Apart from that, you must also attach any awards you have received. This is also a consideration for company recruiters.

"Applicants with such a model (having awards) are definitely models of tough people," said Luki who currently serves as Head of Talent Acquisition at PT Pegadaian (Persero).

  • You have to be honest and be yourself

After passing the administrative stage and entering the interview stage, you must be honest and be yourself. Being honest means not lying, especially when asked about weaknesses.

"Admitting mistakes is not something bad but admitting that we humans have mistakes," explained Luki.

  • Understand the values and culture of the company

Luki stated, you as a job applicant must understand the culture and values of the organization or company you are aiming for. Usually when someone is rejected, it doesn't mean they are less smart or less experienced.

It could be because the character is not in accordance with the culture and values of the company.

  • Must appear confident

When in the interview stage, you have to be confident. This is to convince the interviewer that you can work and are worth considering.

"When you do an interview, it's actually a moment to sell yourself, so it's worth considering as a candidate," said Luki.

Then, your appearance as a job applicant must also be neat and clean. Most importantly natural and not tacky.

“Don't be nervous during an interview, because it can make you blank and forget everything. Let's just say the interviewer wants to know about you," explained Luki.

  • Manage personal social media well

Usually employee recruiters also see the social media that you have, especially popular social media such as Instagram and LinkedIn. By looking at social media, recruiters can read the characteristics of the job applicant.

"Usually if a state-owned company will see if there is hate speech and provocation in the job applicant's post," said Luki.

Several large-scale companies, of course, also see the background of job applicants from social media. Because the company does not want to recruit employees who can later become provocateurs.

Those are 6 tips for success for those of you who want to apply for work. Luki advised job applicants to be confident, especially Unair graduates. Because Luki often finds Unair graduates tend to be insecure and don't want to appear in front of them when applying for jobs.

Even though they are smart, active in organizations, and are not inferior to other college graduates when applying for jobs.

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