5 Effective Tips for Sending Emails When Applying for Jobs for Students

5 Effective Tips for Sending Emails When Applying for Jobs for Students – The development of the internet and technology makes it easier for people not to leave their homes, including sending job applications by e-mail.

Indeed, the steps for applying for a job via e-mail are concise and easy, but there are things that students need to pay attention to when applying for a job when they graduate from college later.

Releasing the Directorate General of Higher Education's website, Saturday (16/1/2021), said there are five guidelines that need to be considered when sending e-mails to apply for jobs.

This is because the procedure for writing an e-mail really determines whether or not you can be looked at by recruiters at the company. From sending e-mails, recruiters can also get to know your qualities well.

Please read these 5 guidelines clearly, so that you are successful when applying for a job:

Use a subject or title

In many cases, when applying for a job, they do not fill in the subject or title of the email. This makes the company think the email is not important.
Finally, the sender of the job application is considered impolite by the company. Because, not professional in writing the subject or title of the email. Therefore, create an email subject that is easily understood by many company recruiters.

Fill in the body of the email when applying for a job

In today's modern era, you still find people who are confused about writing the body of an email when applying for a job. In simple terms, the body of the email when applying for a job must be filled with a cover letter or self-introduction from the applicant.
For that, you have to introduce yourself, because it's very important for companies to know you well. Then in the body of the application email, you must also fill in the reasons why you are writing the application, the job you want to apply for, and what are your strengths. The goal is that companies are interested and can recruit you as employees.

Pay attention to grammar properly

Don't use slang or difficult-to-understand abbreviations when sending emails to apply for jobs.
You don't want it, do you? If the email recipient does not understand the language you sent. That way, you are hampered from getting the job you want.

Do not overuse carbon copy (CC)

CC is typically used to send copies of the email to the people involved, but not the primary recipient.
It can also, when you want to notify the email recipient, that someone else will receive the same email. For this reason, if you haven't obtained permission to use CC, then there will be people who feel disturbed by the email you send. Not only that, when sending emails applying for jobs, there are some jobs that other people may not need to see. Therefore, you must make sure you have permission to use the CC facility.

E-mail delivery time

When sending an email to apply for a job, make sure the delivery time is 09.00-12.00 WIB or 13.00-16.00 WIB. It aims to make you look professional and serious in applying for the job you want.

So those are five tips when it comes to emailing job applications. You have to make sure all the tips are implemented properly, so that the results are satisfying. If the results are satisfactory, you can definitely get the job you want.

Source : kompas.com

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