The following is the 2022 SPAN PTKIN Registration Flow – Before participating in the 2022 SPAN PTKIN registration, schools are expected to fill out the School and Student Database or PDSS, and the PDSS filling period ends on February 28, 2022.

SPAN PTKIN 2022 is a selection that utilizes academic achievements, especially report cards and other related achievements. Students who are entitled to take part in SPAN PTKIN 2022 are students who are registered at madrasas, schools, or Islamic boarding schools.

How to Register for SPAN PTKIN 2022

Quoted from the website, Tuesday, March 1 2022, the following is the procedure for registering students to take part in PTKIN SPAN or you can also open how to register span ptkin 2022 at in this article.

  1. Students can register using the National Student Identification Number or NISN, and student email
  2. Then validation will be given to the student's email.
  3. Check data and reports.
  4. If you are having trouble verifying the facts on your report card, you can talk to the school operator or the school directly.
  5. Then submit report cards for class XI semester 1, semester XI second and semester XII I and other achievements owned by students, as well as upload report cards and achievements via email to
  6. You will be able to print your registration confirmation once everything has been submitted.
  7. Prospective students can confirm that graduation announcements will be made on April 15, 2022 on the announcement by entering the registration number.

At SPAN PTKIN 2022 you can choose two PTKINs that you are interested in, and you can also choose two study programs that are of interest to each PTKIN.

Before choosing a study program, make sure you have the talent and interest in the study program before deciding the order in which you want to complete your PTKIN. Students are ranked by a committee at the national level based on their student and other achievements.

Then school quality or accreditation and area for students who are in the Outermost, Disadvantaged and Forefront or 3T zones.

For those of you who will take part in PTKIN SPAN 2022, don't forget to register, and plan your strategy so that you can pass and be accepted at your dream PTKIN.


The 2022 SPAN PTKIN registration process will begin on March 4, 2022. Students are ranked by the committee at the national level based on students and other achievements.

Prospective students can confirm that graduation announcements will be made on April 15, 2022 at the announcement. Then the quality of schools or accreditation and areas for students who are in Outermost, Disadvantaged and Forefront or.

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