How to Register for the 2022 Lecture KIP Program and Requirements – The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) ensures that the KIP Lecture program will continue in 2022. Participants can get the head register in preparing for the event by visiting the website and familiarizing themselves with the requirements and registration process .

At the Free Online Study Gathering event, Head of the Education Financing Service Center Abdul Kahar said, "The government will continue the KIP Lecture Program in 2022."

Educational assistance for high school, high school/vocational high school graduates or equivalent is provided by the government through KIP-Kuliah. Students with high academic talent but resources finance limited eligibility for financial assistance.

Total tuition assistance KIP

  1. A maximum of IDR 33.6 million per semester is given to undergraduate students for their living expenses.
  2. D3 students for a maximum of 6 semesters and a maximum total study of IDR 25.2 million
  3. D2 students for a maximum of 4 semesters with a maximum total study time of IDR 16.8 million
  4. D1 level students for a maximum of 2 semesters with a maximum total study period of Rp. 8.4 million.

How to register for Higher Education KIP 2022

  1. Students can directly register independently on the KIP Lecture System web page on the website.
  2. At the time of registration, students submit valid and valid NIK, NISN, NPSN and email addresses.
  3. The following Lecture KIP system will verify NIK, NISN and NPSN as well as eligibility to obtain Higher Education KIP. The NIK is used to obtain socio-economic information in the Social Inequality Integrated Data (DTKS) of the Ministry of Social Affairs. Students who are not registered with DTKS are required to fill out economic and asset data forms.
  4. The KIP Lecture System will issue a Registration Number and Access Code to the registered email address if it has been validated;
  5. Students complete the KIP Lecture registration procedure and choose the selection path to be taken (SNMPTN/SBMPTN/SMPN/UMPN/Mandiri);
  6. Furthermore, students complete the registration procedure on the portal or national selection information system for tertiary institutions according to the desired selection path. The synchronization procedure with the system is then carried out via a host-to-host technique.
  7. For prospective Lecturers receiving KIP who have been declared accepted by Tertiary Education Institutions, additional verification can be carried out by the Tertiary Education Institution before being offered as prospective students receiving KIP Lectures.

KIP Lecture Participant Requirements

  1. The Ministry of Education and Culture has not specifically announced the 2022 KIP Lecture requirements. However, if you look at the previous year's regulations, the following are the membership requirements:
  2. Professor KIP participants are high school students or equivalent who have graduated or will graduate in the current year or have graduated a maximum of 2 years previously, and have a valid NISN, NPSN, and NIK
  3. Have strong academic potential but have economic limitations supported by strong factual evidence
  4. SMA/SMK/MA students or equivalent who graduate in the current year with strong academic potential and have a KIP Card
  5. Students from accredited senior secondary schools, vocational schools, or postgraduate KIP programs with a minimum bachelor's degree and valid Family Welfare Card are equivalent to apply.
  6. Pass the selection of new student admissions and be accepted at PTN or PTS in the study college KIP program with A or B accreditation, and deserve special consideration in the study college KIP program with C accreditation.

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