How to Register for an LTMPT 2022 Account Can Be Accessed at ltmpt ac id – To register for an LTMPT account, enter to open an LTMPT account for 2022. Starting Tuesday (11/1/2022), you can open the Higher Education Entrance Test Institute (LTMPT) link.

Creating an LTMPT account can be used by students to register for the National Entrance Selection for State Universities or SNMPTN and the Joint Selection for Entrance to State Universities (SBMPTN) (SBMPTN).

The establishment of a 2022 LTMPT account is very important for grade 12 students, 2021 graduates, and 2020 graduates who will take the two exams above.

Creating an original LTMPT account on the portal is technically limited to the first day of registration opening, Monday 10 January 2022 at 15.00 WIB. The following is the schedule and how to create an LTMPT 2022 account.

How to Register for an LTMPT 2022 Account Can Be Accessed at

LTMPT 2022 Account List and Schedule

  • Preparation of Registration Documents
    NISN or National Student Identification Number. Check NISN on the website
    NPSN or National School Principal Number. NPSN is the school number which can be checked on the page
    NIK or National Identity Number. Check NIK on KTP or Family Card (KK)
    Recent 4 x 6 size passport photo with a free plain background, preferably blue or red. The file size of the photo is 80 – 300 KB.
  • Click this link for more pages about the LTMPT portal
  • Click on the Student menu
  • Fill out the NISN form.
  • Fill in the NPSN
  • Enter your date of birth here.
  • Enter an active email address and password, preferably Gmail.
  • Go ahead and hit the Register button.
  • If successful, a notification will appear for account activation
  • Go to the email account you used to register for LTMPT and check the activation email in your Inbox or in your Inbox and Spam folder.
  • Account activation by clicking the link in the activation email.
  • If the LTMPT account was created successfully, a message will appear stating that the account has been activated.

The steps for verifying and validating data on the LTMPT 2022 account are:

  • Login on the official site LTMPT it uses your registered email account and password.
  • If you are using the LTMPT portal, go to the main page and look for the Student Verification option.
  • Check data and enter NIK, religion, address, telephone number, and other forms on the verification and validation page.
  • If there is a data error, make data adjustments by school, then click Update Data
  • To access the Upload Photos page, click the Next button.
  • To go to a page where you can make adjustments to your photo, click Next. Adjust it so that the face is clearly visible
  • On the Data Confirmation page, click Next.
  • Verify data accuracy. If you are sure, check the statement and click the Save Permanently button.
  • Data that has been stored permanently can never be changed.
    Download the data by clicking the red Download Permanent Proof button.
  • Defend the evidence and don't lose it.

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