Price of the Latest Honda ADV 160 2022 - PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) has released the New Honda ADV 160 with a new look for the Indonesian market, you can see detailed information in the following article.

What makes this brave scooter different from its predecessor? Changes have been made to the adventure-style scooter, which we'll talk about in more detail below. The New Honda ADV 160 is priced starting at IDR 36 million and is available in two body variants and six colors.

The new Honda ADV 160 offers a rugged and rugged urban cruiser design. As in the rear side body which has a wider cross section, and the front side body which is sharper makes the footrest (step floor) wider.

Changes in side body morphology increase trunk volume. This model has a storage capacity of 30 liters (up to 2 liters), which can meet customers' storage needs.

From a frontal perspective, the lighting design is maintained with the latest LEDs and daytime running lights (DRL). At the rear, this scooter is equipped with stop lights and LED turn signals, as well as a fender that has a design like a giant motorbike.

The two-step adjustable windshield makes for even better aerodynamics. The windshield, which is common on large motorcycles, can be adjusted up to 75mm in two height levels with a simple operation.

The seat height is now 780 mm, or lower than before (15 mm less), which is coupled with the New Honda ADV 160's rather high ground clearance, which is 165 mm. With this set-up, the driver will be able to drive more quietly in various road conditions.

The design of a solid front suspension and the integration of 240 mm corrugated disc brakes on the front wheels and 220 mm on the rear wheels provide stability in braking and seem more athletic and leading in its class.

Dual subtank rear suspension anchored at the rear to provide ultimate comfort and stability in turns, on rough roads and in co-rides. This is a nice feature.

The use of tapered handle bars and large semi-dual-purpose tires, 110/80 – 14 (front) and 130/70 – 13 (rear), gives a dashing and unusual look.

More Powerful and Feature Rich

The New Honda ADV 160 is powered by a 160cc, 4 valve, liquid-cooled, eSP+ engine with a PGM-FI injection combustion system. With 11.8 kW of power at 8,500 rpm, this new engine supports the driver's driving style. The torque is also quite large, up to 14.7 Nm at 6,500 rpm.

Based on the results of internal testing using the WMTC-EURO 3 technique, fuel consumption shows the figure of 45 km/liter (the ISS feature is active), so it can travel up to 364 kilometers in one refueling.

The complete digital panel meter has a new design, large screen, and rugged appearance to enhance driving comfort. Users can now access information about engine speed (tachometer/rpm meter) and trip length (elapsed time) (elapsed time). Isolated adjustment dial, located between the handlebar and the gauge panel.

In addition to the two novelties, information is also collected from the battery indicator, outside temperature indicator (the first of its kind), average fuel consumption, direct fuel consumption, engine oil change indicator, clock, Trip A and Trip B.

Honda Smart Key and alarm system are included in the new security features of the Honda ADV160. The charger from the last generation has been replaced in the console box with a USB charger that can charge up to 5V 2.1A.

Featuring a choice of ABS and CBS features with a hydraulic triple pot, the new Honda ADV160 is designed to provide rider safety and comfort. Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) technology is specially integrated for this type of ABS.

This device, which is usually connected to Honda's big bikes and luxury motorbikes, helps limit engine power if a difference in the rotational speed of the front and rear tires is detected, so that the possibility of tire slippage can be minimized.

In addition, the ESS (Emergency Stop Signal) function remains classic, which will automatically activate the hazard lights when braking suddenly. This technology is important because it allows drivers in the area, especially those behind the car, to know what to do to avoid accidents.

The ACG starter complements its ability to remain smooth when the engine is started. This function goes hand-in-hand with Honda's ISS (Idling Stop System), which allows the engine to automatically shut off when stopped, then restart by simply pulling the throttle.

Honda ADV 160 price

New Honda ADV 160 is sold in two versions, ABS and CBS, with a total of six color choices. The ABS type is priced at IDR 39,250,000 (On The Road Jakarta), and is available in three color choices, namely Tough Matte Black, Tough Matte Red, and Tough Matte White.

In this type, the symbol on the side of the body is even cuter with the Burn Titanium color finish, as well as the rims and handle bars.

On The Road Jakarta sells the CBS type for IDR 36,000,000 with a choice of Dynamic Black, Dynamic Red and Dynamic White in three color choices.

Honda ADV 160 Has Been Released

According to Marketing Director of PT Astra Honda Motor, Keiichi Yasuda, the new ADV 160 has a new engine and a number of other improvements to make it more comfortable to drive.

"I am happy to be debuting the urban explorer motorcycle in Indonesia." New Honda ADV 160 is now present in Indonesia for the first time. "We released the New Honda as a luxury motorbike for urban communities," said Yasuda in Cikarang, West Java.

He also noted that the New Honda ADV 160 comes with a proportional body size. At least there are many modifications, especially the 160 cc 4 valve engine, which makes the rider more comfortable when traveling long distances. This engine is the same as that used in the previously launched Honda PCX 160.

The New Honda ADV 160 itself has a variety of very complex new features. A number of these features are available, one of which is a complete digital meter panel and windshield.

PT AHM targets total sales of Honda motorcycles, including the Honda ADV 160, to reach 60 thousand units by the end of 2022.

Thomas Wijaya did not say anything about how long customers will have to wait or how much they will pay for the new Honda ADV 160.

Loman also acknowledged that he would seek methods to overcome the semiconductor chip dilemma, which was a bottleneck in Honda's motorcycle manufacture. What's new on the New Honda ADV 160 is the digital meter panel and windshield, both of which are quite sophisticated.

On Saturday, 25 June 2022, Mario Aji recorded the fastest time in the Dutch MotoGP qualifying session with a record time of 1 minute 43.686 seconds.

On Friday afternoon Indonesian time, Mario Aji will take part in the second free practice for the Dutch Moto3 race. PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) will soon debut a new motorbike this month. ADV 160 is a technical term. Continue reading to learn more!

Mario Aji made his debut at the Sachsenring Circuit last season in the Red Bull Rookies Cup. He finished 7th in Race 2. Young Astra Honda racer Fadillah Arbi Aditama will take part in the World Junior Motor3 Championship, or FIM Junior GP Catalunya, on Sunday, 12 June 2022.

Honda ADV 160 2022 colors

PT Astra Honda Motor released the latest Adventure-style matic with modified engine capacity and appearance. Let's look at the specifications, prices and colors of the available Honda ADV 160 2022.

Honda ADV 160 colors

Yep, on July 1 2022, AHM officially launched the Honda ADV 160 to replace the Honda ADV 150, with various upgrades, of course. The ADV 160 had a new chassis and engine at 160cc, as well as modifications to the body, seats, lifters and exhaust which made a big difference in performance.

There are two variants, ADV 160 CBS and ADV 160 ABS, the last of which has a new function called HSTC. HSTC or Honda Selectable Torque Control is a function that aims to prevent the rear tire from slipping in slippery conditions.

Honda ADV 160 CBS

There are three different color options for the ADV type CBS emblem: Dynamic White, Dynamic Black, and Dynamic Red.

Honda ADV 160 ABS

The ADV 160 Brad type ABS emblem is gold in color and comes in three matte or matte color options. White, black, and red are just a few of the options available in Tough Matte.

ADV CBS & ABS Price 2022

For the price of the Honda ADV 160 CBS IDR 36,000,000. The price for the Honda ADV 160 ABS is IDR 39,250,000 with Jakarta OTR status, so for other regions it can be different.

Features of the 2022 Honda ADV 160 CBS & ABS

Features a windscreen, digital speedometer with indicators and tachometer and LED headlights with DRL on this adventure style scooter. Rear Subtank Suspension and Wavy Disc Brakes all come as standard, as well as Semi General Tires, USB Charger, Smarkey System and a large trunk.

Additionally, ABS, ESS (emergency stop signal) and HSTC braking systems are available with ADV ABS (Honda Selectable Torque Control).

Without removing the Casing, replace the Beat Headlamp.

Honda ADV 160 Engine Specifications

New Honda ADV 160 comes with the latest engine, 4 stroke 1 cylinder eSP + periodicity 160 (156.9cc liquid cooled 4 valve SOHC). maximum power of 11.8kW (16PS) @ 8,500rpm and maximum torque of 13.7Nm (1.5kgf.m) @ 6,500rpm, which is channeled through a V-Belt automatic gearbox. Here are the full specifications:

  1. Engine Type : 4-Step, 4-Valves, eSP+
  2. Cooling Type : Liquid Cooling
  3. Fuel Supply System: PGM-FI (Programmed Fuel Injection)
  4. Step Volume: 156.9 cc
  5. Diameter x Step : 60 x 55.5 mm
  6. Compression Ratio: 12: 1
  7. Maximum Power: 11.8 kW (16 PS) / 8,500 rpm
  8. Maximum Torque: 14.7 Nm (1.5 kgf.m) / 6500 rpm
  9. Transmission Type: Automatic, V-Matic
  10. Starter Type: Electric
  11. Clutch Type: Automatic, Centrifugal, Dry Type
  12. Lubricating Oil Type : Wet
  13. Lubricating Oil Capacity: 0.75 liters (Replacement Periodic)
  14. Frame and Legs
  15. Frame Type: Double Cradle
  16. Front Tire Size: 110/80 – 14M/C Tubeless
  17. Rear Tire Size: 130/70 – 13M/C Tubeless
  18. Front Brake Type: Wavy Disc Brake
  19. Rear Brake Type: Wavy Disc Brake
  20. Braking System: Triple Pots Hydraulic Combi Brake System (CBS) / Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
  21. Front Suspension Type: Telescopic
  22. Rear Suspension Type: Double Rear Suspension with Tubes
  23. Dimensions and Electrical
  24. Length x Width x Height : 1,950 x 763 x1,196 mm
  25. Wheelbase: 1,324 mm
  26. Lowest Distance To Ground: 165 mm
  27. Seat Height: 780 mm
  28. Empty Weight (Curb Weight) : 133 kg (CBS & ABS)
  29. Fuel Tank Capacity: 8.1 liters
  30. Ignition System: Full Transisterized
  31. Battery / Accumulator Type : MF 12V-5Ah
  32. Spark Plug Type: NGK LMAR8L-9

The ADV 150 or the initial edition of the New Honda ADV 160 was introduced on July 1 2022 at the PRJ Kemayoran arena.


The New Honda ADV 160 is priced starting at IDR 36 million and is available in two body variants and six colors. The use of tapered handle bars and large semi-dual-purpose tires, 110/80 – 14 (front) and 130/70 – 13 (rear) gives a dashing and unusual look.

Honda ADV160 is designed to provide rider safety and comfort. 160cc engine, 4 valves, liquid cooled, eSP+ with PGM-FI injection combustion system. Its fuel consumption shows the figure of 45 km/liter (the ISS feature is active), so it can travel up to 364 kilometers in one full charge.

Available in two versions, ABS and CBS, with a total of six color choices. Prices start from IDR 39,250,000 (On The Road Jakarta), and are available in three color choices.

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