The following are tips for caring for window film during the rainy season

The following are tips for caring for window film during the rainy season – Driving in the rain is definitely full of risks if you are not alert. Unless the road becomes slippery and has the potential to cause aquaplaning (slip), the visibility of the rider is limited. Plus the glass film used is of poor quality.

To reduce the risk of harm due to blurred window film, take care that is really recommended. So that visibility is always protected when driving in rainy weather. The importance of maintaining window film is not a difficult case.

Even though it is installed on the inside, often the glass film is touched by hands, so the film is oily. It is enough to clean it regularly. This step also does not require special fluids. Because if you use a special liquid it actually has the potential to destroy window film, remember that it generally contains certain substances in it.

"It's best to just clean it with plain water. If there are stains, they can be dampened with water and then wiped clean and dry," added Billy Susanto, Head of Aftersales PT. Indo Lestari V-KOOL.

According to Billy, selecting the right lap is also noteworthy. It is better to use a separate cloth that is soft and clean. This means that the cloth used is not the same as the one used to clean the car body.

Windshields that fog up when it rains can interfere with the driver's view, thus potentially causing an accident. Frosted glass makes it difficult for drivers to see clearly and has the potential to crash.

In addition, a car air conditioner that cannot turn on optimally makes the cabin temperature a little warmer than the outside temperature. As a result, dew covers the glass inside. Because of that, keep doing maintenance or car repairs so that no more dew appears.

"Replace the rubber wiper which is already brittle or repair the air conditioner if the blowing is not cool enough," he said.

Don't forget to keep the car cabin condition clean and dry by cleaning the car deck carpet regularly. Also don't forget to dry it for a few hours.

“The slightly wet carpet causes the air in the cabin to become damp. This is one of the causes of dew on the glass," he concluded.

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