The Selo Indonesia Electric Car is Now Forgotten – In 2015, the Selo electric car was created. But did you know that the Selo Indonesia electric car is now forgotten? Check out the article below to the end to find out.

Recently, the Indonesian government has begun to boost the popularity of electric cars. Tesla, one of the newest and most popular electric car manufacturers, will start selling the Tesla Cybertruck in the United States in the near future.

Tesla Cybertruck is an electric car with a futuristic look. Tesla Cybertruck can travel 482 kilometers on a single charge. With a deposit of 100 million Rupiah, Prestige Motorcars has started accepting orders from Indonesian clients.

Indonesian Selo electric car

But did you know that Indonesia can actually make its own electric car? Don't believe it right? And strangely, in the government's efforts to make the electric car ecosystem more environmentally friendly, unfortunately it is not accompanied by encouragement to advance the work of the nation's own children.

At least, this is what happened to the Selo electric car. The Selo, designed by Ricky Elson in 2015, is an all-electric car. Selo is the testimony of a monk, Indonesia is capable of making environmentally friendly cars, and many rich countries are also developing similar cars.

Selo once wanted to be the pride and pride of Indonesia, but now his future is in doubt after failing the emission test. The electric car named Selo is considered unfit for mass production because of this shortage.

Although "rejected" in their home country, Selo was really "hijacked" by Malaysia, and they want to continue to develop this electric car. Even though the opportunity was not from his own country, the Creator wasted no time seizing it.

The Selo is believed to have had a top speed of 220 kilometers and a maximum power output of 182 hp. Utilizing a battery that can travel 250 kilometers on a single charge and recharge in just four hours.

After 2016, Ricky and his Selo electric car were never heard from again. Just last year, he planned to return with the second generation Selo.

Ricky himself previously worked for a company in Japan, creating many motor generators for various application. Several of his inventions were granted patent protection during this period.


In the article above we have explained about the forgotten Selo electric car, besides that we also provide information about the Tesla electric car which is currently popular.

Thus the article about Selo Indonesia Electric Cars Now Forgotten, I hope the above article can be helpful and useful for all of you.

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