Tips for Buying a Used Motorbike to Not Be Disappointed – If you want to buy a used motorbike, there are tips on buying a used motorbike that you need to know before buying so you won't be disappointed.

But know, choosing a used motorcycle yourself is difficult, because potential customers have many choices for the model, type and color of the motorbike.

As stated by Darwin Danubrata, Songsi Motor in Jagakarsa, Jakarta, when buying a used motorbike for daily activities, the most important thing to pay attention to is the condition of the motorbike.

If the purpose of buying a motorcycle is for a hobby or collection, you might choose a "material" motorcycle and then repair it.

If the purpose of buying a used motorbike is for everyday use, then the ideal motorbike is one that has the same capabilities as a new motorbike, and doesn't require extra money.

List of Tips for Buying a Used Motorcycle

Here are some pointers to keep in mind when buying a used motorcycle:

1. Check Completeness of Motor Letters

Prospective buyers must check important documents such as BPKP and STNK.

In this phase you can clearly know the name of the first owner so you can be sure the used motorbike you want to buy is not stolen.

2. Check the Chassis Number and Engine Number

Make sure the potential buyer thoroughly checks the structure and engine of the motorcycle.

Any discrepancy between the chassis and engine numbers, even if only slightly, could spell disaster. It's possible that this is evidence of a stolen motorcycle, given the circumstances.

3. Check Machine Condition

To find out if there is a modification, the prospective owner should check the engine gasket and bolts. Because the condition of the gasket is the "way in" to find out whether the motor has engine trouble or not.

Because, this component connects the cylinder to the engine center. If the gasket has been replaced, then the handlebars up to the piston means it has been replaced too, aka it is no longer original.

4. Check Engine Sound

Despite the fact that this is not required, it is common practice for those looking to buy a used motorcycle to check for engine noise.

Check to see if the engine is slow without the motor in it (continues to run without gas). This is to determine whether the machine is in very good working condition or not.


In the article above, we have provided information about tips on buying a used motorcycle that you need to know so you don't regret it later.

Thus the article about Tips for Buying a Used Motorcycle so as not to be disappointed, I hope the above article can be useful and help all of you.

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