Terms of Free Yamaha Aerox Modification From STSJ

Rancakmedia.com – This is a requirement if you want to take part in the free Yamaha Aerox STSJ modification. In recent years, Aerox has become one of the Maxi motorbikes that consumers are in great demand for. The increasing number of motorbikes lining the streets is proof of this.

As a thank you to Aerox users, PT. Surya Timur Sakti Jatim or Yamaha STSJ is collaborating with Maxwax Communal Space, an external motorbike specialist through a new program called Fix & Ride.

Through this program, Yamaha STSJ and Maxwax Communal Space will change customers' Aerox motorcycles for free!

"Yamaha created this program as a thank you to Aerox customers everywhere. So consumers can feel safer when driving their Aerox motorcycles." This was revealed by STSJ Yamaha Promotion Manager William Saputra.

Yamaha Aerox Modification Terms and Conditions

Yamaha Aerox Modification Terms and Conditions

  • Own an Aerox motorbike from 2018 onwards (Surabaya & Sidoarjo only)
  • Use the Frame on the second slide to upload a picture of your Aerox motorbike (see example on Instagram @Yamahafriends).
  • Write a description explaining the condition of your motorbike & the reasons why Yamaha should choose your motorbike
  • Use the hashtag #yamahafixnride
  • Tag Instagram @yamahafriends & @maxwax.id and tag 5 of your friends
  • Follow Instagram accounts @yamahafriends & @maxwax.id
  • Like the last ten Instagram posts from @Yamahafriends.

Winners will be notified by January 10, 2022, and those who qualify for the free change will be contacted at a later time. Yamaha STSJ has a whole modification idea. The evaluation results of the committee cannot be doubted.

Make sure consumers meet the standards that have been set so that the Aerox they are proud of looks even cooler!

Further information can be accessed at @Yamahafriends. You can also visit the official site yamaha to find out the specifications relating to Yamaha goods.


Yamaha Aerox modifications, making this program as a thank you to Aerox consumers wherever they are. The terms and conditions that must be complied with are as follows: Own an Aerox motorbike from 2018 onwards (Surabaya & Sidoarjo in particular).

Upload a picture of your bike and write a description describing the condition of your bike. Tag Instagram @yamahafriends and @maxwax.id and tag 5 of your friends.

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