Google introduces new feature to find lost iPhone – Tech giant Google introduced a new feature for the Google Assistant on Thursday. The most important function is to find your lost iPhone.

For some time now, iPhone users have been able to find their smartphone using the “My search” service. Siri integration is also integrated to make it easy to find your lost iPhone. So you can just ask the assistant where your iPhone is and your device will be called with a voice notification that even goes through Do Not Disturb, even if it's enabled.

The Google Assistant offers exactly the same functionality, according to Google.

In a blog post by Lilian Rincon, Senior Director of Product Management at Google Assistant, Rincon states, “You can use a Nest smart speaker or smart display to “Hey Google, find my phone” for any device, including iPhone models.

Share If you choose to receive important notifications and notifications from the Google Home app for iPhone devices, you will receive notifications and hear a special ring (even if the phone is muted or Do Not Disturb is on). ”

Google introduces a new feature, and the main disadvantage is that users can ping their phone with Google Assistant. However, it won't appear on cards like Find My. However, if someone loses their iPhone in a private space, this is the best way to find it and reunite with them.

iPhone users can ask the Google Assistant to find their phone on any platform, whether it's a speaker, one of the new Chromecast devices, or even an Android tablet. Application Google Home must be installed on the iPhone and signed in with the account for this to work.

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