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Download the Latest Homesafe Apk Trackview Application for iOS and Android Versions – Homesafe APK Trackview for Android, iOS MacOs and Windows has recently become a topic of conversation, many netizens are looking for the latest Homesafe APK download link, here is a complete review and download link for Homesafe APK Trackview.

Due to the high demand for download links and instructions on how to use them, we will summarize this information for our loyal readers.

There are various things you can do with this application, one of which is to track a person's condition in real time. For example, by checking the GPS location on the cellphone device.

Have you heard about the Homesafe APK Trackview application before? If not, this is the right article to increase your knowledge

Did you know the HomeSafe TrackView application before? Consider reading some user evaluations of the following apps if you're not familiar with them.

What is Homesafe Trackview APK

HomeSafe APK Trackview is a mobile device tracking application for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

The software is available for free download from the Samsung Galaxy Store, App Store, or CNET download service you won't be able to find it on the Play Store.

Previously this application was on Playstore, but disappeared. However, you can still download this application in other ways, such as via an APK file via the Galaxy App Store. We have provided the latest download link at the end of this article.

It's not easy to monitor your own movements. Likewise by using Trackview. To track a cellphone, you first have to install this program on the target cellphone.

Therefore to use this application, you need access to both the tracking device and the target device.

For those of you who want to know the location of your children, partner, wife, girlfriend or someone closest to you, you can use Homesafe APK Trackview is to monitor family safety.

This application can be said to be very sophisticated because it can tap other people's cellphones just by using one application.

With a simple and simple interface, it makes it very easy for users to use it.

To track a lost cellphone or so on, you must first download this application on both devices, and also activate the GPS feature on your cellphone.

Homesafe APK Trackview Features

If you choose an application on the Playstore or Apps Store, you will definitely install the best application. The good news is that HomeSafe View was developed by a reliable developer, which provides many unique and advanced features, including the following:

1. User Friendly, Simple Display and Easy to Use

This application has a simple appearance, there is not too much navigation to confuse users, so many people like this application for the reason that it is easy to use.

Usually there are several ways for people to use the application in case they experience unwanted problems.

2. Light database size

You also don't need to free up a lot of storage space to download this application, because this application does not take up storage space on ROM because the size of the application is very minimal.

That way, its use will not affect the performance of your smartphone's RAM or ROM.

4. GPS Every Time

In this application, it will be easy for you to track lost cellphones or other things, because this feature is very useful for those of you who need it.

Apart from that, you can find out who people want to use this application. So you can find out where the person is.

5. Scan Barcode (QR Code)

Another additional feature is that you can scan the QR code which is an alternative place so that when you use it you can be safer in terms of personal protection or so on.

Therefore, the QR code scan feature has become one of the mainstays of the Homesafe APK as a tracking tool for the application.

For example, when you want to use your cell phone and do something scan QR code In this application, all activities you do with your cellphone will be recorded. And if your cellphone is lost, you can also easily find it.

Homesafe APK Trackview Additional Features

As you all know, the HomeSafe application is used to find out someone's location or track location.

By using this application, you can easily carry out activities to tap your child or partner without spending a penny.

  1. Find out someone's location in real time via GPS on the map on your cellphone
  2. Can record video and sound recorded on other people's cellphones
  3. Monitor sound and video in real time through the camera on a person's phone
  4. Can be used like a walkie talkie via certain buttons
  5. Can play back sound and video that has been successfully recorded easily
  6. Can control other people's cellphone cameras, be it the front camera or rear camera and can also control the on and off control of the cellphone flash light
  7. Turn on the ringtone so you can find out the position and condition of the cellphone in case of loss or so on
  8. There is an always on feature, which can make it easier for you to find out the condition of your cellphone even if your smartphone is dead, but you need to ensure that internet data is still connected stably
  9. Connect with a Gmail account
  10. It has 2 different versions, namely paid and free for you to choose. The free version can be used to tap just one device, while the paid or premium version can easily do so on up to 5 devices

Homesafe APK Trackview Application Download Link

For those of you who are curious and want to try using the Homesafe APK Trackview application, you need to download the application first, here are the application details and download link:

App NameHomesafe APK Trackview
File Size19 MB
Android Version5.0 and up
Released date
June 2, 2022
Updated on
Apr 17 2023
1.000.000+ downloads
Download For AndroidDownload Here
Download For Apple iOSDownload Here
Download For WindowsDownload Here

How to Use the Homesafe Trackview APK Application

If you want to use this app, you need a tracking device and a tracked device, which we will emphasize once again.

To find out where someone is, you can use the Homesafe Trackview APK application. Come on, take a look at the following guide:

  1. First, install the Trackview application on both devices. Devices that will track, and those that will be tracked
  2. Run the application, then enter the device name
  3. Then log in using the same Google account, both on the device that will be tracking or that will be tracked
  4. Activate GPS on the cellphone that you want to track
  5. On the device you want to track, click the map icon on the name of the device or devices you want to track in the Trackview application
  6. After that, you will know where the location of your partner's cellphone or the target you are looking for is

Complete Video Tutorial on How to Use the Homesafe Trackview Application

So that you can find out how to use the application, we have included a video tutorial

How to Set Up the Homesafe Trackview Application

Many people ask how to easily set up the HomeSafe TrackView application, Rancakmedia friends don't need to worry because we have updated the method here, please follow the setting guide below.

  1. Please download / download Homesafe APK Viewer and Homesafe APK Trackview on different devices.
  2. Please log in with the same Google / Gmail account on both devices (TrackView Viewer is for the device you want to track while TrackView HomeSafe is for the tracking device).
  3. Please set homesafe settings to better connectivity in the background.
  4. Upgrade your package so you can use more features that are not available in free mode.
  5. With this setting enabled, when sound or motion is detected on a HomeSafe device, the viewer will be notified.
  6. After adding a place, the Viewer can be notified when a HomeSafe device arrives or leaves this place.
  7. With private mode enabled, Viewer will no longer be able to access this HomeSafe device.
  8. You can set a PIN code, it will automatically silence alert messages.
  9. As a camera app, you can mute alert messages. You can also turn off this mode.
  10. In the Check feature, you can save recordings both in the HomeSafe recording tab and phone gallery.
  11. If checked, you can only save recordings in the HomeSafe recordings tab.

When cloud backup is checked, you can further configure the backup network environment.

Complete Video Tutorial on How to Set Trackview Viewer and Trackview Homesafe

Please check the official trackviewnet website to download the official application. Here's the video tutorial

Advantages and Disadvantages of HomeSafe Apk Trackview Mod

If you use an application modified by a third party developer, it has advantages and disadvantages.

That way, you also have to know it in detail and completely so you don't suffer losses. The following are the advantages and disadvantages if you use the mod version, namely:

Advantages of the HomeSafe APK Trackview Application

The following are the advantages you will get if the application you have is modified, as follows:

  1. There is a more complete tracking menu
  2. You don't need to root anymore
  3. There is a GPS
  4. Very easy and fast to use to track
  5. Has a very simple appearance
  6. Free to use for all devices

Disadvantages of the HomeSafe APK Trackview Application

It is certain that if you use a third party application there will be shortcomings that need to be paid more attention to, including:

  1. Results created by third party developers
  2. Installing the application must be done manually
  3. There is a dangerous malware virus
  4. The app is still illegal to use
  5. The security system will most likely not be guaranteed
  6. The download link is very difficult to find

Difference between HomeSafe APK Mod and Original Version

There are differences of two types homesafe apk mod and original version It certainly has advantages and disadvantages, one of which is that if it is an original application, you can get it easily via the Google Play Store.

Meanwhile, for the mod version of the Homesafe APK application, you have to look for a trusted website first to get the download link.

Actually, there are not many differences between these two applications, because the original and mod versions both have very useful functions.

However, there is only a difference in terms of developer, it is certain that the original version has a trusted and responsible developer.

Whether you use the mod version or the original version is just your decision, because usually there are those who use the mod version and want to get complete features without having to meet the requirements and there are also those who use the original version because it is clear about its security.

Original VersionMod Version
Limited featuresMore complete features
SaferThere is a malware virus
Maintained securitySecurity is not maintained
Developers are responsibleThere is no Developer responsibility
Legal applicationIllegal application
Available on playstoreNot available on playstore

FAQ Homesafe Apk Trackview

Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about the Homesafe apk Trackview, as follows:

1. Is Homesafe APK Free?

Yes, the Homesafe APK Trackview application can be used for free which can be used to make it easier to find the location of a lost cellphone, however there are several features that cannot be used in free mode. Therefore users are offered an upgrade to the premium or paid version.

2. Can Homesafe APK be used remotely?

Yes, because the Trackview application is equipped with location access, remote audio, video recording and front or rear cameras.

3. Is Homesafe Trackview Safe to use?

The homesafe trackview application is safe, not dangerous, and safe if it is only for the benefit of the family or husband and wife. It is not safe if the person you are targeting is a public figure, official, influencer or the like who can of course sue you for violating their privacy.

4. What must be set so that the Homesafe APK Trackview functions properly?

  1. Disable Battery Optimization. Just click once on the box and it will be checked automatically.
  2. Disable Auto Reset Permissions. When you click you will be directed to Setup then there is an option "Remove permissions if the application is not used" you can deactivate.
  3. Enable Notification Access, if you click it you will be directed to "Notification Access" then you search for HomeSafe then click "Allow"
  4. Set As Default Voice Assistant. This is the most important thing. You can click the box then select “Setup” which will lead to “Device assistance application” then click, select “HomeSafe” and continue to the final setup.
  5. Allow display Over Other Apps, we just have to click to activate it.
  6. Next, return to the initial menu, please select Settings. In this section you can activate "Auto Server Selection" and "Power Saving Mode"
  7. Finally go to "Motion and Sound Detection” activate the “Back” Camera
  8. Make sure Power Saving Mode also active.

5. Does Homesafe Require Root Access On Android Devices?

No, Homesafe does not require root access on Android devices. However, some features may not be available if the device does not have root access.

6. Does Homesafe Store User Data?

Yes, Homesafe stores user data such as internet usage reports and settings that have been made by the user. However, this data is only used to provide features requested by users and will not be sold or provided to third parties.


Application Homesafe APK Trackview is the latest 2022 update tracking application. This application supports Android, iOS, Windows and Mac versions of mobile and PC devices.

For those of you who want to know the location of your children, partner, wife, girlfriend or someone close to you, you can use the Homesafe Trackview application, but only to monitor and protect your family.

In the article above we not only discussed what HomeSafe TrackView is, and also discussed how to use this application as well as the download link to the official provider. There are many providers of the HomeSafe View MOD version, but we are worried that it is dangerous for our devices.

That's the article about the latest version of the HomeSafe TrackView application update, hopefully the article above can be useful and helpful to all of you. Thank you: D

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