How to Create Locations on Google Maps for Home and Business Addresses – Learning how to create a location on Google Maps for business is simple and easy. The main function of Google Maps is to search and find listed locations. It is important, especially for businesses, to include their business location so that customers can easily add them.

The complexity of digital technology today is an important contribution to society. One of them is to make it easier for anyone to use Google Maps as a navigation tool to find locations and places. Not only that, you can use this feature to add new locations that are not yet on the map.

Apart from that, adding a location on Google Maps is a great method to grow your business. Customers will be able to find your business location quickly if it is registered on Google Maps.

Here's a review that you should read if you want to make a location on Google Maps. You can learn how to create a Google Maps location for your business and home address by reading the evaluation below, compiled by from various sources.

How to create a Business Location on Google Maps

1. How to create a Business Location on Google Maps

Google provides a variety of interesting features. The Google Maps program, which may be linked to a Google or Gmail account, is one of them. Google Maps provides a function that makes it easy for users to find a location, as the name implies.

Of course, a location must be recognized on Google Maps to look for it. That's why there are techniques for creating easily accessible locations on Google Maps. Creating a location on Google Maps, especially if you run a business, is very important to make it easy for anyone to find your location.

You can use the Google My Business function to learn how to create locations on Google Maps. Google Maps provides this functionality to make it easy to add business locations. The steps for creating a business location on Google Maps are as follows.

  • First, open your device's Google My Business page.
  • Then, selecting Manage Now, sign up for Google My Business.
  • Give your company a name and category.
  • Then, to add your business location to Google Maps, select Yes.
  • Fill in your business address.
  • Add your business location to Google Maps.
  • Select Do you also service customers outside of this location? from the drop-down options.
  • Next, add your business information for customers to see, such as phone number, website, and so on.
  • Choose whether you want to receive Google My Business updates or not.
  • After you have filled out the steps to add your business location to Google Maps via Google My Business, select the verification option.
  • When the process is successful, Google will wait for your verification code and a letter to your business address.
  • Then, after getting the code from Google, you can add business profile information, images, hours of operation, facilities, menus, and other information to Google My Business.

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