Get to know the Whatsapp Competitor BiP Application – Getting to know the BiP application, a messaging application that competes with WhatsApp from Turkey, adds new features that are claimed to protect user data. Cross-app chat migration is a feature that allows moving individual and group chats.

According to Burak Akinci, CEO of BiP, this new feature is based on the company's commitment to the privacy and security of the data of its 80 million active customers. He considered Indonesia to be a crucial market for the growth of corporate messaging applications.

Indonesians, as the largest economic power in Southeast Asia, are reportedly used to digital technology. "Currently, we are working with local operators and content suppliers to further develop BiP features that are relevant to Indonesia," he said. Considering that BiP has been downloaded by more than 3 million people in the first three months of its debut in Indonesia.

The BiP application that will compete with Whatsapp

Excels in Video Calls and Group Chats

Indonesian BiP app users lead the worldwide BiP market in terms of video calls and group chats. Burak Akinci says that Monday is the most popular day for downloading apps. Jakarta is the most popular place for people to download BiP.

Other Features

Apart from video calls, Indonesian users often take advantage of the fast translation feature and secret messages. This feature provides instant translation in 106 languages, including Indonesian, Malay, Javanese and Sundanese.

This feature enables BiP technology to instantly translate written words and sentences. BiP received the Most Innovative Mobile Application category at the 2020 Global Mobile Awards with real-time translation technology.

Then there is the hidden chat feature, which allows the user to dismiss the discussion from the screen after a certain amount of time. This feature ensures that user privacy is protected, because no data is stored or shared with other parties.

For your information, BiP is available in 192 countries and allows groups of up to 1000 members as well as video conversations between up to ten users.

In addition, this program, which can be accessed on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Huawei App Gallery, has the ability to use Bold, Italic, and Underline fonts.


Getting to know the BIP application made in Turkey which will compete with WhatsApp, has just launched a new feature that is said to protect user data. Cross-app chat migration allows moving of individual and group chats. BiP received the Most Innovative Mobile App category at the 2020 Global Mobile Awards.

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