How to Get Free Ovo Balance 2021 Trusted


How to Get Free Ovo Balance 2021 Trusted
How to Get Free Ovo Balance 2021 Trusted – Free Ovo balance, Instant payments are now very popular in various groups. Thus we can find several digital wallets for different transactions, one of which is OVO.

OVO is a digital wallet that functions as a cashless payment mechanism for its users to complete transactions. This application provides easy online transactions for purchasing credit, game coupons, energy costs and much more.

Now, since September 25 2017, the application has had more than 115 million users in Indonesia. Therefore, don't be surprised if OVO is now one of the best digital wallets.

To be able to make payment transactions, simply download the OVO application for Android users on the Play Store and iOS users on the App Store. If so, your balance can be increased instantly, either via bank transfer, convenience store or nearby shop.

However, if you don't have enough money to top up, you can now find a new method to get free OVO balance quickly and simply.

It's not difficult to get free OVO. You can do many free ways to pay and just with a cellphone!

On this page, I will reveal several ways to get free OVO balance via applications and websites.

How to Get Ovo Balance

Here is a collection of free OVO balance applications that you can try making.

Free Ovo Balance From LikeIt Lite

LikeIt Lite is an application that can be withdrawn via OVO and DANA. You can get free OVO balance of up to hundreds of thousands every day by using LikeIt.

This app provides free balance donations to its users only when they view the movies currently accessible on the app. You can also complete different daily missions to earn points.

Once the points have been collected, you can exchange them without capital for OVO balance for free. If you are interested, please download the LikeIt Lite application and enter the code A93797309 for hundreds of thousands of initial points.

Free Ovo Balance From TikTok Lite

TikTok Lite is not much different from LikeIt Lite. You can easily get free OVO balance by watching videos. This app is the Lite version of the now famous TikTok app. The difference lies in the rewards, especially the free balance.

You can collect points by doing daily missions and inviting friends. Download the TikTok Lite application here and enter the Invitation Code A1020851639 to get the first 100,000 balance.

Free Ovo Balance from Cashpop

Cashpop is the most popular OVO money-making application for many people. This rewards app gives you various free gifts.

It is very easy to get free OVO balance through the cashpop application, where you have to complete the many missions that are currently accessible. Every day, check in, watch movies, download apps, play games, etc.


Licorise is an application created by young people from Indonesia that offers free gifts to its users, including OVO balance. You have to collect as many points as possible to get free OVO cash by doing daily activities.

Daily activities you can complete to collect points include checks, surveys, ads, games and more.

If you believe that the points have reached the minimum exchange limit, you can exchange them according to the norms applicable to OVO balances.

It's proven to pay year after year for LiliQuis, the fastest OVO earning gaming app. This game is an instructional genre that tries to improve your brain through contest questions.

The quizzes in this application are also different, for example synonyms & antonyms of words, fitness, English, gastronomy, social culture, etc. You can also choose the difficulty level by selecting Easy, Medium, Hard and Expert according to your skills.


Clipsclaps to exchange OVO points or OVO balance later.

In this application you are advised to collect a balance up to a minimum payment limit of $10 USD which will be exchanged for IDR 140,000. Due to the many good reviews in the Play Store, this OVO generating application has proven to be successful.
The way it works is by playing games, submitting films and completing subsequent missions to get coins to exchange for dollar balances. The money is then exchanged for other prizes such as OVO balance, free Gopay, etc.

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