How to Upgrade Premium Funds Without Ktp – Are you a DANA application user? As we know, the Dana application is a popular digital wallet application that has many users. So, on this occasion, we will discuss again how to upgrade premium funds without a KTP and how to upgrade?

Anda tertarik, tentu saja, bukan? Apakah aplikasi Dana bisa diupgrade tanpa KTP? Apakah itu benar? Seperti yang kita ketahui, aplikasi Dana sendiri merupakan e-wallet dengan dua versi yaitu versi base atau bass serta versi premium. Kedua jenis ini memiliki kekhasan tersendiri dan fungsi tambahan tentunya.

How to Upgrade Premium Funds Without KTP?

In line with our discussion above, how to upgrade premium funds, is it possible without a KTP? As we also know, both are not only displayed, but have different services and functions with the two versions.

Premium itself indicates that this version itself has far greater functions and features. This is of course a simple method of upgrading Dana to premium itself. You can prepare several files, including ID cards. This is to verify ownership of the DANA account.

However, what if you don't upgrade or use an ID card? Even though one of the document criteria that you must meet is the KTP itself. The response to upgrading premium funds without a KTP is like that.

Unless you use an ID card, the upgrade procedure will not allow you to maintain the identity of your account owner and the security of your account also by irresponsible people.

How to Upgrade Premium Funds Without KTP_

DANA is an e-wallet application, because as we have said before, security and data are also used as one of the security criteria in the upgrade process. Well, if you have difficulty or fail to increase premium funds, we will offer you a solution.

  1. You can simply slip your ID card under the white paper and move it to a higher location if you don't check your ID card or take a picture with your ID card.
  2. Make sure the internet network is stable. so that you will not experience interruptions or disconnections during the verification procedure.
  3. If it fails, then you can try again to contact Dana application customer support, call telephone number: 1500 445 or email: You can also submit the application form and send Whatsapp. You did. You did.
  4. Finished.

Well, there is some information about how premium funds can be increased without an ID. If you don't use an ID or E-KTP, you won't upgrade. Hope it is useful.


The Dana application itself is an e-wallet which has 2 versions, namely the basic or bass version and the premium version. You will be able to prepare several files, including an identity card. This is due to verify ownership of the DANA account. If you experience problems or fail to upgrade premium funds, here we provide a solution.

If you experience problems with the application, then you can try again by contacting the Dana application customer service care, you can call the telephone number at: 1500 445 or via email at: then submit the form in the application and send Whatsapp too. That is, you will not upgrade if you don't use an ID or E-KTP.

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