10 Ways to Save Electrical Energy in Everyday Life

Rancakmedia.com – Check out the most efficient way to save electricity, easy to do. It cannot be denied that electricity has now become one of the basic needs supported by the community. Start studying, working, and even enjoying the entertainment of technological gadgets.

Therefore, the availability of electricity is very influential on the smooth running of daily activities, especially at home. This implies that almost all of our actions in our daily life depend heavily on the use of electricity.

Using electricity to help with daily activities does not always mean maintaining electricity consumption. In fact, with the increasing number of electronic devices or gadgets that use electricity for daily activities, electricity consumption is increasing.

Although it seems easy, it turns out that a lot of the electricity we consume contributes to an increase in daily electricity consumption. Therefore, we should pay more attention to every use of electricity, especially at home, not only to prevent wastage of electricity but also to reduce the electricity bills that must be paid. Continue reading this post to find out how to save electricity easily and safely.

how to save electricity at home

10 Ways to Save Electrical Energy

Many common electrical gadgets or devices consume electricity continuously. Some gadgets or electronic devices that we use everyday still consume electricity without us realizing it, even though they are not used.

You can imagine what happens when every day electricity is reused without our awareness increasing. Therefore, we must start with these basic things so that the power used remains efficient and needs-based. Thus you can see several methods of saving electricity, such as:

Replace standard lamps with LED lamps

Electricity can be saved earlier by replacing ordinary lamps with LED lamps. Although they are more expensive than conventional light bulbs, some 7 watt LED bulbs are equivalent to 60 watt brand name bulbs. The existing LED lights are integrated with wireless operating technology that you can activate as needed.

Thus, you get a bright light that consumes less electricity than conventional lamps, even if you have to pay more.

Turn on the light if necessary

All-day light, when not needed, is one of the habits of many people, which inadvertently increases electricity consumption. In addition to increasing electricity consumption, the power used will also be wasteful if the lights are left unused. Make it a habit to turn off the main and auxiliary lights when the room is not in use, especially for a long time.

When not in use, remove the cable from the socket

Many people who use electricity unknowingly have to leave the gadget cables or electronic equipment that is being used at any time. Even when not in use, the cable plugs into the socket, e.g. charging cable, but still carries electricity. To keep that electricity used free of charge. So make it a habit to unplug when not in use to prevent wastage of electricity.

Regulates the use of high-power electronic equipment

See how many electrical gadgets in your home consume a significant amount of electricity such as air conditioners, rice cookers and washing machines. You must pay attention to the amount of electrical power needed for each electronic gadget so that you can control its use more effectively.

Do not turn on electrical gadgets when not in use

The fact that electrical appliances such as TVs are not being used also results in consuming more power than necessary. While this practice may not appear to have a large effect on electricity consumption, it is often enough to increase your costs. Therefore, start leaving electronic gadgets when not in use to save your electricity consumption for a long time.

Adjust the air outlet to increase airflow

Controlling air circulation to improve air circulation in the room can help save electricity. You can reduce the use of air conditioning by controlling ventilation and ensuring greater air circulation in the room. In this way, you can not only save electricity as necessary but also make your home healthier by increasing air circulation.

Get used to saving electricity together

It's a good idea to make saving energy a habit for everyone in your family and other individuals who live in the same household to optimize the electricity-saving benefits. You can not only optimize electricity savings by utilizing electricity together but also maintain the condition of the electronic equipment you use, so that it remains in prime condition.

Use Energy or Sunlight

The second way to save electricity at home is to use sunlight throughout the day. Install windows that can capture maximum sunlight throughout the day when building a house. You can also try to build a transparent roof on your house to get natural light. So, even without lighting, the room remains bright all day long.

This transparent roof can also be placed on a clothesline to dry clothes, not only as lighting during the day. The dryer is not needed, which also saves electricity.

Pay attention to maintenance of electronic products

Furthermore, you should realize that if properly cared for, electrical appliances such as TVs, air conditioners, microwaves, and others will operate more efficiently and save electricity at home. For example, if the air conditioner filter is clogged, the air conditioner temperature is unstable and the temperature tends to decrease.

This can increase the performance of the air conditioner and consume a lot of energy. The same approach applies to washers, dryers and other appliances.

Unplug from the switch

The last way to save electricity is to unplug the plug. You may also be in the habit of unplugging it after use. Due to the plug-in, the plug transfers electrical energy even when not in use. It may seem small, the electricity used may seem small, but all of that causes a waste of energy if stored in large quantities for a long time.

Make sure you unplug all electrical items that are not in use, including cell phone chargers. It doesn't cost much to remove the plug. But of course this technique is very useful if the number of switches in the house is very large. Pulling out the connector not only saves electricity but also avoids short circuits.


Apart from saving electricity as mentioned above, before unexpected things happen related to daily electricity consumption, you also have to plan other things such as Provision of emergency money is one of them.

You can spend some of your money in an emergency fund or use the money you save each month. You will need to do so, especially financially, if your needs grow or if other unforeseen events occur in the future.

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