2 Ways to Make Chrome the Default Browser on Android

rancakmedia.com – Google Chrome on Android has a light mode which is claimed to be able to save more than 50 percent quota. As soon as Google Chrome has finished installing, the light mode is active by default accompanied by a brief notification about its functions and benefits.

An option is also provided to disable lite mode if you are not interested in this feature and want to open web pages as they are.

As long as light mode is activated, you will get information about how much total quota has been consumed and how much quota can be saved while browsing using the Google Chrome browser on Android. You can find this information in the Google Chrome settings.

How to Make Chrome the Default Browser on Android

Light mode is just one of the advantages of Google Chrome that keeps many users loyal to using the browser.

In its latest version, Google Chrome version 80 includes an update to close 56 security holes that have been found by bug hunters. In return, Google gave them $50,000 in total.

Google chrome on Android has a light mode which is claimed to be able to save more than 50 percent quota.


Here's how to make Chrome the default browser on Android.

  1. Enter the Settings menu.
  2. After that you enter the Apps and notifications menu.
  3. Then you select Advanced.
  4. After that, select Default apps.
  5. Then in the Browser app option, you can change the default browser as you wish. In the example below, my cellphone defaults to using Opera and I want to change it to Google Chrome.
  6. Choose chrome.
  7. Now you have successfully changed the default browser to google chrome.

Google Chrome Latest Update

Another update added to the latest version of Google Chrome is the web notification setting. Actually, Google Chrome already has a feature to block notifications.

But the blocking is done in total. Unlike the newest feature, which blocks notifications automatically after observing the user's habits.

If you are used to blocking web notifications, then Google Chrome will automatically block all notifications and will only unblock websites that you allow.

Webs whose notification offers have been frequently rejected by users will automatically always be blocked by Google Chrome with this latest feature.

With the continued increase in Google Chrome's capabilities, it's not surprising that many users download and install the browser. Like on the desktop, Chrome can also be used as the default browser on Android. How to do it is relatively not difficult.


That's how to make Chrome the default browser on android. Another reason to make chrome the default browser on android is the Duet menu which is now being refined by google.

Duet menu is basically a menu bar located at the bottom of the browser. The contents of the menu are Home, Tabs, More, Search and Share buttons.

In the previous chrome experiment, all the buttons were shown on the menu without exception, but in the latest test only three buttons were shown, while the rest were hidden based on the selected layout model.

If the layout you specify is "NewTab Search Share Variation", then the buttons displayed in the Duet menu are buttons for creating new tabs, buttons for searching, and buttons for web sharing on social media.

Meanwhile, the “Home Search TabSwitcher Variation” layout will display a Home button, a search button, and a button to switch to other tabs.

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