10 Apps to Create a Personal Hotspot on PC

rancakmedia.com – Do you have a WiFi Internet connection and you want to share your laptop or PC? Don't be afraid, this application for creating a personal hotspot is ready to help you in sending internet signals to other devices.

Who can escape from the internet? In this day and age, everyone needs the internet for various purposes.

Many WiFi is superior because it is more concise without cables, aka wireless. However, not all places have a WiFi network. Can you create your own Hotspot network? Definitely!

Application to Create Personal Hotspot

Here are the Best Hotspot Applications:

1. Baidu WiFi Hotspot

Application Baidu's hotspot maker is a lightweight application that can help users create simple hotspots to share internet access, either to netbooks or mobile devices. You can create a hotspot from your computer with one tap.

2. LionScripts WiFi Hotspot Creator

LionScript is a simple hotspot application that can be used on Windows OS, its role is to change a WLAN netbook or desktop computer into a WiFi transmitter in one click. This Wifi network can be used by other devices that know the network.

3. Maryfi Virtual Router Software

This application for creating Personal hotspots has compatibility for Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 OS. With Maryfi, users can share internet connections from Wifi, mobile data or other wifi networks.

Devices that want to join your internet, such as netbooks, cellphones, or gaming bases, can be connected just like using regular Wi-Fi. In addition, the network can be protected with WPA2 Encryption password.

4. MyPublicWifi

This simple hotspot creation software can help you to turn the device you are using into a wireless access point. Equipped with a built-in firewall, URL tracking, bandwidth manager and ad blocker.

5. OSToto Hotspot

Although the appearance is slightly different, the function of OSToto is the same as other PC hotspot-making software, namely turning the device into a wifi access point that other devices can use.

6. Thinix WiFi Hotspot Creator

Shortly after you press the button to activate the hotspot feature in this application. The computer will turn into a hotspot access point that can be used by tablet devices, mobile phones, netbooks or other computers.

7. Connect

Connectify has an easy-to-use user interface. Connectify has features, one of which is being able to connect to the internet with a cable or modem with 3G and 4G networks.

Connectify has a 30-minute trial period. So when the trial period is over, you can download the paid version to provide developer support, interested?

Download Connectify

8. Virtual Routers

This Virtual Router application is open source which has a simple user interface. The advantage of this application is that there is no background process running for this application. Until it doesn't eat a lot of RAM.

9. mHotspot

The advantages of mHotspot are freeware, or free. You can access the full features in it without having to think about the cost

Its features are being able to set unlimited SSID hotspots, being able to share networks with LAN, WiFi, 3G/4G models, and there is a WPA2 PSK security network, and we can see information on IP addresses and MAC addresses connected to a WiFi network.


We can use the SeventhGate hotspot application for free (freeware), we can do private networks, share files, to make LAN games.

Similar to the Virtual Router above, this SeventhGate means that there is no background process running for this application. Until it doesn't eat a lot of RAM.

Of all the applications for creating personal hotspots above, our references are MyPublicWifi or Connectify. The advantage is, MyPublicWifi can manage bandwidth and has a URL Log feature to monitor outgoing traffic.

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