The Most Popular FF Online Game Cheat Application – When talking about the ff online game cheat application, actually now there are many made by 3rd parties that have almost the same cheat features and have a similar way of working. Therefore, here we only provide the most popular ones or those that are often used by players.

We are sure that most gamers who like online games such as free fire, pubg, mobile legends and several other well-known games are no strangers to cheat applications which are generally used to manipulate such as getting wins, opening points, diamonds and so on.

But you need to know that most free fire online game cheat applications have a certain risk when used, because it usually results in an account being easily banned by the developer as the game developer. For that, for those of you who want to try it, please just apply on a fresh account. Please download the following reviews below.

FF Online Game Cheats

Cheat Pekalongan application

We believe that for those of you who used to often play games via PC devices in internet cafes, you are no stranger to Pekalongan cheats. Well, from the past until now, the Pekalongan cheat cheat application is still pretty good for use in a number of online games like this free fire.

The creators of this cheat do indeed update it every time so it's only natural that until now it still works for use by gamers who love using cheats.

Hackerbot APK

Another game cheat application that is no less great than the Pekalongan application is the application hackerbot. Because many players have cheated so they can score wins using this hackbot application.

Lucky Patcher Apk

For the next cheat application, the lucky patcher, well, who doesn't know this one application. Because this one application is very popular, especially for some mobile gamers who want to get important in-game item points for free.

The advantage of Lucky Patcher is that apart from being easy to use, this application really doesn't require a rooting process first, so it's easy to use on any type of mobile device.

Download the Lucky Patcher APK application here


Alright, the latest recommended cheat application from us that you can try is Freedom. Until now, there are many applications that use it to cheat online games like this free fire.

This no root game cheat application allows you to get game points and premium features for free. That's not all, Freedom can be used for applications.

This application is useful for removing annoying ads. Because there are complete features, the Freedom application is worth trying.

How to Install the Free Fire Online Game Cheat Application

Just as we know that installing applications outside of the Play Store usually doesn't install automatically because you have to activate the installation option first in the settings menu. So, for more details, please follow the instructions below.

  1. First, please download the ff online game cheat application that you want above
  2. When the download process is complete, please open the settings menu then go to security
  3. Please look for the option to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources
  4. If you have found it, immediately activate it by giving it a checklist or there is also by sliding it to the right (ON)
  5. Then open the folder where the downloaded results were stored just now
  6. Click install and wait until the installation process is complete

Please just follow the instructions that we have presented above correctly, guys, so you can install the application that we have referred to above.

Online Game Cheat Application Features

Meanwhile, for each application that we have shared above, it has different features. So for those of you who want to use it, please just try one by one to apply it to your favorite game, namely free fire and others.

So that the features of the ff game cheat application work optimally, so please activate all available features to get maximum results and of course to facilitate your needs in the free fire game.

Do you use this online game cheat application without root?

For the four cheat game applications that we have shared above, all of them do not require the rooting process first. So that you can immediately use it without any problems. However, we recommend not using all of the earlier applications at the same time.

Because if you use all of them simultaneously it will cause errors, lags, exits and several other system errors. That's why we recommend using just one application if you want to get maximum results.

All right, I hope that the information that has been presented about the most popular collection of online ff game cheat applications and without root for 2021 can be useful for those of you who want to get all the points for free, be it skins, bundles, characters and so on.

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