3 Ways to Use NFC on iPhone

rancakmedia.com – How to activate and use NFC (Near Field Communication) on iPhone is now available if iOS on your iPhone device has been updated to the latest iOS (at least iOS 12, stable iOS 13). That is, you can check your e-Money balance and top-up your eMoney balance directly from your iPhone smartphone.

Especially for you users of the iPhone 6 series, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max and so on, and iPhone SE (Generation 2), you can use NFC with iOS update to the latest version (when this article was released, the latest iOS was iOS 14).

However, it is necessary to ensure that the NFC model that you want to read (scan) is NFC with the format NDEF (NFC Data Change Format). Remember, for now (until this article is posted) it's the NFC model the iPhone uses.

NFC, the chip that you often hear about in electronic payments (e-Money), has been long awaited by iPhone users. Remember, this feature has been on Android since 2010. At that time, the first Android phone to provide the NFC feature was the Samsung Nexus S.

History of the Development of NFC on the iPhone

As an introduction, we will discuss a little about the 'famous name' e-Money. Naming is actually a general term. However, it is well known and has become the same as Bank Mandiri's e-money card.

As for electronic payment instruments on media servers or chips at other banks, some of them have the same product.

For example, a BCA bank called Flazz, BNI bank with Tapcash and BRI bank with Brizzi. But Indonesians tend to choose to use Mandiri e-Money, what's more, it's supported by the NFC feature on the iPhone.

In fact, for the first time, Apple provided NFC on iPhone links, namely the iPhone 6 series (September 2014). However, it can only be used on Apple Pay. But since the iOS 11 update, the iPhone can read NFC tags without the need for a special application.

Just as previously mentioned, the NFC type supported by the iPhone is the NFC NDEF pattern type. In this case, other NFC patterns cannot be used on the iPhone.

Nach, originally one of the two emoney card products that supports NDEF patterns (used by the iPhone) is Mandiri e-Money (via Tokopedia and the Mandiri Online application), because it has been updated to version 2.3.4. And can also be used on BRI BRIZZI electronic payment cards (via Tokopedia and BRImo BRI).

Then in February 2021 BCA finally announced that BCA Mobile (BCA Mobile for iPhone versus 2.7.2) finally provides NFC support on iPhone. And it can be used to scan balance checks and add balances to its electronic card, Flazz.

checking and filling in electronic money balances

How to use NFC on iPhone to check and top up e-money balances

As for how to use NFC on an iPhone to check balances and top up or top up electronic money or emoney balances, make sure you use one of the following 2 electronic payment cards:

Mandiri E-Money Card, or BRI BRIZZI and using one of the supported applications or mobile banking. For example Tokopedia (Mandiri e-Money and BRI BRIZZI), Mandiri Online for Mandiri e-Money, or BRImo BRI for BRI BRIZZI.

For now, Flazz BCA is not yet available on Tokopedia, so you have to scan, check balances, or top up your Flazz card balance only through BCA Mobile banking.

So, for this guide, it's like using the Tokopedia application to use NFC on your iPhone to update your balance and top up your electronic money.

Few steps to use iPhone NFC:

Below are some steps on how to use NFC on iPhone to check electronic card balances (Mandiri E-Money or BRI BRIZZI):

  1. Use the Tokopedia application for the latest iPhone enhancements.
  2. In the appearance or special side of the Home, specify the Top-Up and Billing menu.
  3. Then select one of the Electronic Money options.
  4. Then please tap the Balance Completion button to check your e-card balance with
  5. If there is a paste card command, all you have to do is paste the electronic card (Mandiri E-Money or BRI BRIZZI) right around the rear camera of your cellphone or part. The NFC sensor on your iPhone.
  6. Not long after, info regarding your electronic money will immediately appear.
  7. Generally shown your card number and e-card balance.
  8. Check the balance of the electronic card using NFC iPhone has been completed.
  9. Currently top-up or refill your e-card with NFC iPhone.

How to Check Electronic Card Balances with NFC iPhone

Still using Tokopedia and one of the electronic cards that supports NFC iPhone, namely Mandiri E-Money and BRI BRIZZI.

Here's how to top up or top up your electronic card balance via Tokopedia using NFC iPhone:
Now, after checking the balance of the electronic card, you can immediately take the method to add to the balance.

  1. Please click the button Reload Now.
  2. Determine the top up nominal for electronic money balances. Minimum IDR 10,000.
  3. Click the Pay button
  4. Make sure the amount and balance are correct, then click the OK button. Then click the button Continue.
  5. You can pay OVO Cash directly. Then follow the full payment process.
  6. Nach, now the payment has been successful. BUT THIS PROCESS IS NOT COMPLETE!
  7. Back on the Home menu or special side again.
  8. Select the Top-Up and Bill menu again, then select the Electronic Money option.
  9. Then tap the button Balance Enhancement at the top right of the program.
  10. Attach Mandiri e-money or BRI BRIZZI card that you just Top Up. Like when checking the balance earlier.
  11. Wait a moment, until it says Success Fix Balance.

Now the top up process for electronic card balances using the new NFC iPhone is said to have been completed.
Your electronic card balance should increase, the amount of the balance you filled in earlier.

checking and filling in electronic money balances


How to Top Up Electronic Cards Using NFC iPhone

The use of NFC in online banking applications such as Mandiri Online and BRImo BRI (which may apply to other online banking) specifically on iPhone devices is quite different from its use with Android.

Using NFC on iPhone for online banking, you must register with each account of the online banking application service provider. Next you must also enter your account in the online banking application.

Why so? It's certainly the argument for security and exclusivity that Apple's products have so far represented. Using iPhone NFC via Mandiri Online and BRImo BRI

The NFC feature can not only be used to check balances and top up money balances on electronic cards. But it also has other benefits. For example, to scan (scan) various product authentication via iPhone.

Here are a number of applications that you can use to perform NFC testing on iPhone:

  • Decode – NFC Scanner
  • GoToTags
  • NFC TagWriter by NXP
  • NFC for iPhones
  • NFC reader
  • Next: How to transfer OVO and GoPay balances to DANA and top up DANA through other applications

NFC Scanner App and Product Authentication on iPhone

From the details above, we can all know if the iPhone can read NFC, but with special details, namely NDEF, apart from that pattern, the iPhone cannot read NFC.

However, apparently enough to give satisfaction. The problem is that the NFC pattern used by the iPhone can be used for Mandiri E-Money, BRI BRIZZI, and just added one more, namely BCA Flazz. In the future, other electronic card products will adapt and follow suit.

The final word

Thus the information and instructions on how to use NFC on iPhone, starting from iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14, and so on. Great for balance testing or e-card top-ups, for a variety of payment types. Such as paying for public transportation tickets, paying toll fees, shopping at several shops that work differently and are the same. Hope this helps and good luck.

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